3 Principles That Lead to Success

Success is a goal that every person on earth has in mind, whether it is success in business or personal life.  The difference between truly successful people and every other person is that the successful people have taken that goal and made it a reality for themselves.  By applying just a few simple principles in their lives, these people have achieved success, and so can you.
Know what you want, and know how to get it.  The words sound simple, yet the principle is profound.   It is not enough to say you wish to have financial security or happiness in life, as the words cover very broad and vague territory.  Rather, it is necessary to narrow down and set as a goal a specific statement.  Zeroing in on a specific goal will provide the building block upon which your success will be based.  How much money will give you the financial security you seek?  What attributes in personal life will bring you happiness?  Knowing that ten thousand dollars will make you financially free, or paying off your home by age 40 are specific goals.  After the specific goal is determined, the next step will be learning how to reach that goal.  Again, definite steps that lead to realizing your goal are needed.  Adding $100.00 to your standard house payment every month is a precise plan leading to a goal of an early payoff of your home at a certain point in life. 
Obtain the skills/tools.  To make a cake, first you must have the ingredients; flour, sugar, bowls and a method to bake it.  The same is true with anything in life; no matter what the goal, there will be specific skills or tools needed to achieve it.  It may be a second job to earn the extra $100.00 each month; it may be learning a service skill such as marketing or a physical capability like baking.  Whatever the need for your specific goal may be, there are ways of attaining the means of putting it into action and achieve success.   In some cases, it may be necessary to find someone else capable of providing a service that you yourself are not able to do, such as in business.  
Believe in yourself and your goal.   Many feel this to be the most important principle of all.  Without the conviction that you will indeed succeed at your goal, you will be just one of millions of people who dream of success.   If you do not believe in yourself and the goal you have set, who will?  It is the determination of knowing you can achieve success and that your goal is worthwhile that will lead others to believe in you.  There will be many obstacles to overcome in the journey to achieve a goal, and your unshakeable belief in your purpose will be the guiding light that leads you to success.
In every step of life, the three basic principles of success can bring the results desired by each of us.  Our goals for success may change throughout life, but the three principles to achieve them will never waver.  Know your goal, obtain the skills to achieve your goal, and most of all; believe.  Believe in the success that will be yours.


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