3 Secrets to Success

For anyone seeking success in their life, whether for business or for personal satisfaction, knowing what has worked to bring others success can be a terrific advantage.  Many successful entrepreneurs have shared their secrets to achieving success; with three in particular that seem to be stand out as being most effective.
The first secret to success is to identify your purpose and mission in life.  Know what you want, and what you want to achieve.  This will be the foundation upon which your success will be built.  Perhaps it is a service that you would like to offer, one that you have noticed to be sadly lacking in today’s world.  Or it could be a physical product that you have designed or discovered, and believe it to be of great value to consumers.  You may have a particular talent or skill that you desire to share with the world.  You may want to begin a business, start a relationship or begin a rewarding personal enrichment program.  Your purpose may be something meaningful only to you, such as losing weight; it may be as wide reaching as being a mentor for young people.  Identifying your purpose is just as important in any situation.  Regardless of what it may be, what you want to achieve will become your mission. 
If you believe in your mission strongly enough to make it happen, you will be well on your way to succeeding.  Believing is the second secret to success.  The conviction you feel in your product, service or skill, whether positive or negative, will be conveyed to your target market, and will determine the success or failure of your endeavor.  Having great enthusiasm and belief in yourself, your business and your product will carry out into both the personal and business world in a manner that will convince others of its validity, and stimulate their desire to participate in it.   Believing in your mission also ensures that you will truly enjoy your venture, providing even more motivation to continue in its success. 
Confirming your mission by continually setting new goals and plans is the third secret to success.  As your mission or purpose grows, it will need to be evaluated and tweaked to maintain or expand your path to your ultimate goal.  Becoming complacent once your original plan is put into action can be a huge mistake, for without setting new goals for continued growth, a plan will become stagnant.   Each part of the mission should be accomplished with steps, much like rungs to a ladder.  Reaching one rung merely means leaving one behind and focusing attention on how to arrive at the next.  Each step brings you closer and closer to your ultimate goal of success.  
Whatever your mission or goal in life may be, incorporating these three secrets to success, proven by successful people before you, will help you to effectively reach your goal.  Principles that guide individuals through personal or business life, from small endeavors to large associations, following these three secrets will ensure the success you seek.


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