10 Tips for Success

Every day finds people searching for a method to become successful in some way.  With just an idea in mind, they are eager to get started, but don’t know which direction to begin.  For these individuals, there are ten tips for success that can not only get them started, but also keep them going toward their goal….success.
While each goal may have a few of its own unique steps, there are basic tips that are designed to achieve success that are applicable in any situation.  
1. Develop a plan of action. You have your idea; you know what you want to achieve.  The next step is to develop your plan of action; determine how you will get to where you want to be.
2. Make opportunity happen.  Although opportunity may knock for some, it usually waits to be discovered.  Take the initiative, and create your own opportunity for your goal.
3. Take the risks.  Fear of the unknown keeps most people from realizing their potential and their dreams.  Instead of saying “what if I try and fail?” ask “what if I don’t try at all?”  Don’t end life in a rocking chair murmuring the mantra, “if only I’d tried”.  
4. Keep motivation high.  Write down your goals, and keep them posted in a highly visible area.  Remind yourself continually of why you are working toward your goal.
5. Remember to pack your patience.  Success rarely occurs overnight.  It is a step by step process that can be maddeningly slow.  As long as you see some type of progress, stay on course.  Remember, Rome was not built in a day; your empire will take a while, too.
6. Rejoice in small victories. Along the way toward your goal, many small victories will be realized.  Reward yourself to maintain your motivation; small victories win the big wars.
7. Failure is not an option.  Don’t give up.  Keep your goals alive, and stay the course. If you have reached a plateau where even small victories have paused, re-evaluate your steps, and readjust if necessary.  Just don’t give up.
8. Surround yourself with greatness. Associate with individuals more successful than you. Observe, listen and learn their techniques that got them where they are.  Network within groups of people who can be helpful to you, and then return the favor.
9. Keep your faith and values.  “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions” is a quote we have all heard throughout life.  Keep your values and faith close at hand, and practice them often.  Honesty, integrity and compassion are traits of successful people that will mark you in a positive way for life.  When the day is done, you still need to face yourself in the mirror.
10. Believe in yourself. Believing in yourself will help you to overcome the most difficult situations and face the most discouraging news.  Staying focused on your belief will be a mainstay in tough times and your reward in good times.  
Finding success does not come naturally to most people.  Having a guideline of tips and helpful hints developed by those who have already achieved success provides a fool-proof method for everyone who desires it to experience success.  


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