4 Best Time Management Exercises

Most people today have come to appreciate the good results of having the best time management exercises in their life’s dealings. It’s not only valuable hours that they save in the process, but it’s also finding more meaning to their day-to-day routines, particularly having enough time for themselves and their loved ones. With time management, their productivity at work has been constantly on the rise while their own pursuits for personal development are being well-tended.

It’s true that with mastering the basics of time management, anyone can enjoy the career at hand, and at the same time have a healthy social life, hobbies and interests and spiritual growth. In the earlier stages of managing one’s life, a usual learning would be appreciation of current career and home. This is usually followed by realizations of needed changes to achieve joyful satisfaction in both areas. Along the way many other essential actions are realized as well, like the need to get clear goals and plans, knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses, and defining courses of action to get a fulfilling life. Indeed, having the best time management exercises leads to many other developments in one’s personal life.

So what are these exercises about?

For starters, they’re the usual routines done with much thought on being productive at a given time. It’s not only about getting best results at work or in business pursuits, but also solidifying relationships and getting sufficient time for fun and other interests. Many people also consider these exercises as a means to get rewards after implementing tasks, such as vacations and splurging time and cash on themselves and loved ones. But for all people who have already started on their self-crafted best time management exercises, the end is all about success in all aspects of their life.

Here are the great ideas on making your own exercises for improving time management skills:

Time Management Exercise #1 – Set lifetime goals, shorter ones and the daily targets.

Apart from your grand dream of a comfortable life upon retirement, there are various aspects in life that need goal setting as well. In terms of career, envision yourself in five years or twenty years from now. As for personal life, set specific objectives once you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with someone or on your own. Have goals as well in terms of your physical and spiritual health as their immediate results could do very well in your career and personal life. Do the same with your hobbies and interests, whether you want to do more woodcraft or master skateboarding in the next year, or finally sit down and write a book about your rustic town.

When a person has goals, every task becomes more meaningful and no time is wasted on irrelevant pursuits. Contrary to the belief that it eliminates the fun in living, having goals actually allow any person to find all the time for fun. Remember that when you implement time management effectively, you could insert frolicking with highschool friends or the gang at work on any given weekend because you have genuine free hours or days to do so.

Time Management Exercise #2 – Create your own systems of getting things done.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy in time management because it is a concept. Instead, with that in mind, you should implement time management with a system totally suitable to your way of life, career and goals. Mothers and retirees have different means in managing their time, the same way company executives and business owners have systems fitted to their rank and lifestyle. Even with the people in your workplace or your husband or partner, they have different systems in handling their time wisely, and it’s apt for their specific interests, objectives and capabilities as well.

With this in mind, you must create your own time management exercise. Some people work effectively with schedules and “to do today” lists, many others divide hours accordingly and some opt to work on the first hours of the morning when they are most productive. There are also folks who are more productive when working alone, while so many others get the best output when working with others.

As for you, it would be for your own good to design your time management system. To do so, consider your best attributes and areas needing extra attention, like tendencies to ignore growing clutter or spending too much time on an irrelevant pursuit. Knowing the “plus” side and the “needs improvement” aspects would help you balance out your course of action.

Time Management Exercise #3 – Don’t waste time and design a productive you.

It’s important to get rid of the time wasters if you desire mastery of the best time management exercises. It might sound appalling if you’re told to limit time online, particularly social network sites and the news on celebrities. But it truly is a time-waster, like watching too much TV and hours on video or online games. Even checking emails and mobile phone dependence should be shifted as well, and limit your time on the PC and gadget.

The other time wasters you must definitely eliminate from your life include the habit of procrastination, not putting limits to your social life and not cleaning up. If you recall those instances where you put off tasks for another time or the next day, and think of the stressful episodes you had just to get them accomplished at a limited time. Then count those weeknights you spent partying or dating someone you have no interest in having meaningful bond with. To end, count the wasted time and minor accidents you got into because your desk is unkempt. Add these with the long, messy hours of cleaning up two-month’s worth of clutter at home. Now you get the picture why you should never procrastinate, not waste time on unimportant social pursuits and to always have your spaces clean and orderly.

Once you identify your long-held habits of wasting time, plan out the course of action to finally get rid of them. In place of these non-essentials, fill in the free time with the good, meaningful fun you want. Or you could put in more hours working on important tasks at work or finally have time to visit your parents.

Time Management Exercise #4 – Live healthy in all aspects of life – all the time.

In the end, it’s never fair to yourself when you push too hard to be successful. Many people to attain the material security by working at every waking hour, saving time with preserved or pre-cooked meals and fastfood and end their day sleeping with dreams of work for the next day. At forty three they have all the financial security they need, and in a couple years more they end up with two or more serious ailments, further complicated by stress and obesity. You might think it’s not possible, but when you look around you’d see the truth. OK… OK… It’s not you but it could be if you don’t watch out. That is why this last reminder is in place.

It might sound repetitive as you’ve heard it since childhood that health is wealth. But that’s the truth and yet, it’s what many people don’t care much about until they get sick. Health is an investment, and not a gift that everyone should work on at all times, regardless of career, economic status or age. As it always have been, a productive person is one who has time managed well and keeps his overall well-being on constant watch.

The best time management exercises would always indicate the same idea on health as well. Apart from eating nutritious food and being consistent on a workout routine, you should also find time to relax, de-stress and meditate. It’s fairly easy to integrate all these healthy activities once you have a well-managed time. However, you should have the strong will to start a good diet, find a suitable exercise or sport , and pull yourself away from the hectic schedule to relax. It will not be easy to achieve discipline in these switches to a healthier life, but it is highly likely to work once you decide with conviction.

Like the people you admire for having a look of bliss on their faces despite a busy life, you could be successful in your pursuits as well. Firstly, it’s accepting the fact that you have a choice to be that way and doing the right thing to be that kind of person with that kind of life. All that is possible when you make sure you’ve devised the best time management exercises that would work for you.