5 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

Want to live life to the fullest? I certainly do! I want to fully experience every good thing that life has to offer. I want to squeeze the marrow out of life to have the best experience possible. Not in some selfish, irresponsible or immature way, but in a way that creates significance and joy in life. I call this way of life smart living and I’ve developed twelve rules that I believe will rock your world! These smart living rules will guide you to the most incredible and satisfying life anyone could ever imagine!

My 12 Smart Living Rules for the Absolute Best Life!

1. Take Full Responsibility for Your Life

Becoming personally accountable and responsible for the outcomes in your life is the bedrock of smart living. You can’t even begin to live life to the fullest until you’ve accepted that you are the one that makes the decisions for how your life turns out. You must accept full responsibility for your life if you ever want it to amount to anything.

2. Strive for Excellence But Not for Perfection

Striving for excellence is an essential part of smart living. Why? Because, in life, you reap what you sow. It is a basic law. You can’t plant weeds and expect corn to grow. When we put our best foot forward in everything we do, then life rewards us accordingly. Excellence is an essential element of smart living!

3. Be Positive, Optimistic and Enthusiastic

Maintaining a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic attitude is smart living. Your attitude largely defines your actions. Your actions decide the results you get. A pessimistic sourpuss rarely sees any good in life. Choosing a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic outlook on life opens up a whole new world of possibility. It enables you to be happier and to see brilliant opportunities that were hidden before. It unlocks a great life and is truly smart living!

4. Focus Your Thoughts and Actions

You must focus your effort like a laser to accomplish great things. A determined mind is hard to stop. Those that commit themselves to a particular goal and then pursue it with persistence and perseverance are the ones that realize their dreams! Don’t delay another minute in starting this rule of smart living! Gather your thoughts and plan your success!

5. Make Your Life Count for Something

A life that lacks significance is just a complete waste. Take up a cause that is worthy of your time and energy! There is nothing more satisfying than giving all you’ve got to a valuable mission. At the end of your life, you will be able to look back with no regrets because you practiced smart living. You definitely want your life to count for something significant!

6. Get the Most Out of Your Money

Money is the fuel and lubricant for getting things done in life. Earning it takes a lot of effort and time. Therefore, you want to be smart about how you generate income and wise in the way you spend what you make. Strive to always make every dollar count by giving it the job you want it to do. Smart living is fueled by fantastic money management!

7. Pursue Good Opportunities Fearlessly

Living life to the fullest requires one to take risks. I believe you have to have an entrepreneurial spirit in order to seize every good opportunity that comes your way. However, you also have to be very discerning because not every door that opens is one that you want to walk through. When your ship pulls up at your door, will you get on-board fearlessly? This is smart living at its best!

8. Never Stop Learning and Growing

Life never stands still. Neither should you! You’ve got to continually challenge yourself to grow and learn if you want to experience smart living. Those that excel in life never stop perfecting their craft and exploring new avenues of enlightenment. Grow yourself into a wonderful life!

9. Be a Role Model Like It or Not

You are a leader like it or not. People are observing your every move and learning from your words and actions. This includes your kids, your co-workers, your friends and even your spouse. You influence the actions of others and their lives have a direct impact upon yours. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be a fantastic role model by demonstrating smart living!

10. Make Healthy Living a Priority

How can you fully enjoy life if you don’t feel good? It is imperative that you make small sacrifices along the way to protect your health. It really doesn’t take that much effort and the payoff is immense. Healthy living is an investment that has a hundred-fold return and is certainly a part of smart living!

11. Travel, Explore and Try New Things

The world is your oyster! It is full of incredible treasures that will enrich your mind, heart and soul. Exploration invigorates and stimulates amazing creativity! Where would the world be today if brave men and women never set out into the unknown to discover new frontiers? Open up your plans and you will unlock the greatest bounties ever imagined!

12. Love Others and Let Yourself Be Loved

We all want love. Love satisfies our deepest needs. We long for the nurturing, accepting and forgiving nature of love. You must give it to receive it and you have to live smartly to be lovable. These requirements are non-negotiable. A life without love is empty and dark. Open your heart and let the light shine in!

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