4 Tips to Unleash Your Inner Brilliance and Creativity

If you’ve often wondered if there’s a way to make yourself smarter and more creative, good news – there is! In fact, there are many different things you can do to enhance your creativity and increase your level of intelligence.

Never Stop Learning

If you have a life filled with learning new things, chances are your creativity and general intelligence will be higher, too. Taking a college class in something you’re interested in, or something you don’t know much about can help your mind expand in new directions.

Reading is also an important component of learning. Those who read a variety of things, from biographies and fiction to trade publications and newspapers, are more likely to have the creative areas of their brain stimulated. Reading on your own is always a positive thing, but you can also take a literature course at a local college or join a book club if you enjoy discussing what you’ve read with others.

Take Risks

It’s well-known that taking risks in your daily life can make you smarter and increase your creativity. When you get out of your comfort zone, you’re more likely to learn new things, interact with people who challenge your assumptions, and see problems from a different, more creative point of view. Consider getting a new, more challenging job, traveling somewhere you’ve never been before, applying to get a master’s degree in a new field of study, or taking a course in a language you don’t speak.

Go Somewhere New

It’s said that your environment can greatly affect your creativity and intelligence. If you’re in college or will be in the near future, consider studying abroad. The change in environment and all the little things associated with being in a completely foreign culture is a great way to expand your mind, making you smarter and more creative. If you can’t make such a bold move, think about moving to a different part of town, or taking a new job in a different city. The increase in your intelligence and creativity from such a small change could be surprising.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Sometimes, your brilliance and creativity will suffer because of your physical, mental, or emotional health. To achieve greater intelligence and creativity, it’s important to take care of your body. This means getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and eating food that is healthy and nourishing. If you have mental or emotional issues that are causing you problems, it’s important to address them with a licensed therapist or counselor who can help you deal with those issues. If your body and mind aren’t healthy, then it’s difficult to make yourself smarter or more creative.

Author’s bio

Terry Southerland is a career counselor and content contributor for thebestdegrees.org, a site featuring lists of accredited online degrees and specialty field endeavors such as early childhood education degree programs.