5 Foolproof Ways to Produce a Burning Desire for Your Goals

Whether it be getting out of debt, running a marathon, taking a much needed holiday or simply getting in shape, we all have goals. Yet whilst we do have them, and we would love to achieve them, life or other priorities sometimes get in the way.
Whatever the reason for this may be, it’s no secret that goals can be difficult to work towards and at times we need a little motivation to keep going. In this post I want to share exactly how you can build a burning desire towards your goals which will help spur you into action and get the results you’ve been waiting for.
Following are five steps that have helped me focus on and complete many of the goals in my life, I see no reason why they can’t help you do the same …
1. Make Sure You Pick the Right Goal. This is usually obvious, but if you aren’t focusing the following points on something you’re really passionate about then they aren’t going to help. Just like I couldn’t make a keen basketballer get a burning drive to compete in the knitting world championships, this is no different.
To put it simply: if you’re focused on the wrong goal, you’ll never produce a burning desire to achieve it. How do you know if you’re focused on the right goal? Well, of course, there will be different answers for different people, but usually the following test works quite well:
  • If money didn’t exist would you still do it? (if your goal is a career / hobby)
  • Are you working towards it already in your life?
  • If I gave you $10m tomorrow would it still be in your plans? 
The last question is a deal breaker because too often people have a desire for money, rather than the act that gets them to a place of financial abundance. Money won’t make you happy, but the process to get there just might. If you answered no to any of those (that apply) then you may need to re-think your desires.
2. Know that You Can Do It. If you asked most people how much they would love to complete their goals, they would tell you how amazing, fantastic and life changing it would be. How they would love to be on the journey of their ‘purpose’ and achieve the things they want in life.
So why don’t most people do it? Simple; we don’t believe that we can, so we don’t even try.
“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – David Deida
For 2 years I never thought I could make money online and spent my time just watching others become successful while I jumped from one failed project to the next. As soon as I changed my beliefs things really started to turn around for me, and now I’m working from home full-time. As a friend recently said to me, “Get out of your own way”.
You are the only one holding you back. You can complete your goals, every single one of them. Yet, until you firmly believe this, it won’t sink in because knowing you can complete something is one of the best catalysts for generating the pure drive needed to be successful.
3. Keep Notes of Success by Others. It’s very likely that whatever you want to achieve, someone has came along and done it before you. Who are they? How did they do it? What helped them along the way? These are questions that you need to answer, as in the answers may lie some valuable help to aid you in your own journey.
Not only will it help in getting to your destination, but seeing others do it is a great way to know that you can do it as well. I want to make my living online so I follow others who have been able to do the same; I see what works for them and see how I can apply their tactics to my own journey.
This is something very easy to do and I’m sure you’ll find it to be highly effective.
4. Find Companions on the Same Journey. One of the most comforting things in times of need is when you find other people with the same ‘problems’ or other people on the same ‘mission’ as you are. And when you want to produce that extra focus for achieving your goals, it’s no different.
When I got into internet marketing it was nice to find others on forums that were just starting off and in the same position as me. When I wanted to become more social and pushed myself to do just that (public speaking, going out more etc) then I know my less social friends really appreciated knowing that I had once been in their position.
Finding others on the same journey will help you have someone you can measure up against and someone who will keep you encouraged to stay on track.
5. Make Use of your R.A.S.. Our RAS, which stands for Reticular Activating System, and, without getting too technical, has a job to basically to ‘home in’ on things that we should be focusing on. For example if you are reading a newspaper in your living room and one of your children is playing quietly with their toys, it probably won’t affect your attention.
On the other hand, if whilst reading your paper a brown grizzly-bear walked into the room, your attention would be on it instantly and your body would start taking necessary action to help you get out of the situation. Our R.A.S. focuses on things of known importance and priority to us, so if you like you could also ‘train it’ to become a goal-seeking mechanism of sorts.
Every morning, for no more than 5 minutes I visualize what it would be like to achieve my goals. I see myself being successful, having my preferred end result and how it would feel. This keeps me focused on my goal and tells my body “This is what is important to me, stay focused on it”.
In Summary
We all have the ability to make goals and achieve them, every single one of you reading this. Believe you can do it, set a plan to do it, find others on the journey and monitor how they’ve done it.
Some goals will have an end result, a stop sign. Others will be a process i.e. making money online, but whatever they are, just make sure you do one thing: enjoy the process. Right now is all we have; don’t see the journey as a means to an end.
The joy you get from the result is temporary; the joy you get from the experience lasts forever.

Glen traveled to South Africa at 18 years old where he didn’t know one single person. In that time he started PluginID, a site which aims to help you be who you want to be and live the life you want to live.