Goals Are Fine and Dandy But Habits Create Your Life!

Goals, we all know that they are supposed to help us achieve great things. We may have even taken a class to learn how to accomplish the goals that we set. You may have heard countless professionals say that without a goal you are less likely to succeed. Have you ever wondered it’s really about the goal at all? New life, new possibilities, clean slate, sound perfect? What if you could find a way to change your life and never set a goal again!

If you could start over tomorrow, how would things be different? What could you do to insure that you wouldn’t repeat past actions that didn’t have such a positive affect on your life? What is it that keeps us from reaching our goals and our highest potential?

It is our actions. Simple as that. You see, every action that we take will lead us toward what we want or away from it, every time, no exceptions. When the actions we repeat every day aren’t in alignment with what we want to create it is impossible to create the life you want. It’s the simple daily activities that truly affect the outcome of our lives, not the big decisions or the monumental events.

This may be great news if you are someone who has established some great habits! For the rest of us, this information may be a little daunting, so let’s take a closer look and find a solution!

Our habits are the behaviors that we repeat on a consistent basis. These repeated actions impact everything we do. Throughout our lives, each of us develops habits without much effort. The things that we do everyday, the stuff that doesn’t look like it matters, does matter. In fact it not only makes a difference, it makes ALL the difference.

When people want to improve their lives, they often set goals which will catapult them toward their dream at rocket speed. Have you ever set a New Years resolution that is forgotten by January 15th? What happened? It’s natural to want to know the one reason, or big mistake, that caused our demise. The reality is that this “failure” isn’t due to lack of desire, but rather our inability to create the habits that would keep us on track to reaching our goal.

Setting the perfect goal isn’t how you insure your success. A goal is simply a focal point that keeps you on track. To increase your likelihood of achieving, you need to develop the ability to create simple habits that you can do over and over again without much thought. Consistent positive action is the single most important factor in determining whether or not you will succeed.

Sounds simple, but not so fast ….You see, every activity that it takes to become a success or achieve a goal is easy to do. But here is the catch. Every action that is easy to do is also easy not to do.

Work out, easy to do, easy not to do, Spend within your budget, easy to do, easy not to do, Spend time with your kids, easy to do, easy not to do, Eat healthy, easy to do, easy not to do.

To have the chocolate, to have the apple? Will having the chocolate kill you? Not today, but over time, choosing chocolate more often than not, will eventually affect the state of your health; you can be sure of it.

At any given moment, a single habit or action won’t kill you, not today anyway. You won’t suffer, or fail – today, and most likely, you won’t even feel bad about it. But all of a sudden if you act on your “bad habits” more often than not, you will find yourself looking back wondering how you ended up where you are.

Choices are easier to make when you feel an immediate impact. It is always easier not to do something when it won’t bankrupt you, destroy your career or your health – today. What makes it even worse is that usually not taking action is so much more comfortable than actually doing it.

That bad habit or simple error in judgment, chosen consistently over time will have you screaming “I want a do over”. It will have you scratching your head wondering why you fell short of accomplishing your goal again.

So what can you do if you want to create more of what you want in your life?The key to getting what you want is to have more good habits than bad.

Successful people know that they need to create good habits that they can do effortlessly time and time again. Just like you, consistently successful people are faced with the same choices that you are. The difference is that they choose their actions differently. They understand what impact a simple positive action has on their lives verses the impact a negative action has, and they choose accordingly. People that are successful choose to focus on repeating their good habits and making an effort to replace their bad habits.

So if you want to reach your dreams, make an effort to create good habits. Understand and work on replacing your bad ones, and be accountable for the choices you make. Remember that your habits create your life, and if you work on creating good ones, you can start over at any time!

Judy Davis a.k.a “The Direction Diva” is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, published author and business owner. Her laid back, personal style incorporates humor and real life experience into everything that she does, while creating an atmosphere of trust and sincerity that people embrace. To receive your free copy of “The Power of Direction moments” visit http://www.JudyDavisInc.com You can also access additional resources that move you forward by visiting http://www.ReclaimU.com