Setting Professional Goals

“The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.” –Benjamin Mays
Working in the same position for ten years can become draining, tedious, and repetitive. Most people want to move up the ladder in their places of employment. They want new challenges in their career to keep them excited and stimulated. If you’ve become bored with your career and want to set new professional goals, then this article is for you.
Start by listing each professional goal that you have whether they’re large or small goals. Pick the one that you’re the most motivated to achieve and follow the steps outlined below to accomplish your professional goal.
Step One: Write down one specific goal. This means that the goal must be measurable and time specific. Changing job positions isn’t a measurable goal. However, getting promoted to a supervisor position in one year is time specific and measurable. If you can’t measure when you’ve reached your goal, then it doesn’t meet this requirement. Rework your goal until it does.
Place the goals somewhere that you will see them daily. Write them down three times and put them on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, and glove compartment. Each time you pass your goal list, take a moment to reread it.
Step Two: Break down your goal into short-term goals. If your goal is to get promoted to the supervisor position in one year, you need to know the steps that you have to take to reach this goal. Your short-term goals may include updating your resume, having a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your intentions, and taking a class on management skills.
Step Three: Check your progress on a regular basis. Determine how often you want to evaluate your advancement toward your goal. Each day, week, month? It’s up to you and depends on the goal. The more you evaluate your progress, the more chances you have to identify obstacles and move past them.
Step Four: Share your goal with trusted friends and family. When trying to reach a difficult goal, it will be important to receive support from your loved ones. Let them know that you are setting a goal and need their encouragement. If you want to get promoted and know that it will require you to work ten extra hours per week, you should seek support from your family members.
Step Five: Establish the obstacles that are standing in your way to success. Find ways around the obstacles and make a plan to deal with each one. If you don’t reach your short-term goals on time, process the reason for the setback. Determine if your goals are too high and make them more realistic and achievable.
Step Six: Celebrate your success. When you reach your goal, enjoy the moment with close friends and family. If you get the promotion you’ve been working towards for one year, plan a dinner party to celebrate. This will encourage you to set more goals to achieve in the future.

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