5 Ways to Increase Your Personal Energy Supply to Do Anything You Want Today

In our world today we are encouraged by governments, officials, environmental agencies to conserve the energy we use in order to save the environment and sustain the world’s resources.

We can see our own personal energy in a similar way and we also need to know how to conserve our own supply of energy. We unconsciously dissipate and waste our energy on people, situations, thoughts, attitudes and events which do not benefit us. This leaves less space and energy for creating positive situations that do benefit our lives.

You will also find that as you conserve your energy using these simple steps you will use less energy in craving material things but more energy in focusing on what is truly important to you. This will not only benefit your personal well being but the well being of the world around you!

Here are 5 Ways to Maximize Your Personal Energy Supply:

1. Release Unnecessary Resistance

Releasing unnecessary resistance will cause profound change in your energy levels and how you deal with the world around you. Resistance can make us feel as if we are going against are true instincts or desires in order to comply with an internal authority dictating what we “should” or “should not” do. This internal battle takes up a lot of our energy.

Resistance can cause the following behaviour and feelings: Procrastination, feeling we must use willpower and struggle to reach our goals, stubbornness, wanting to be right at the cost of happiness or holding on to limiting beliefs when they do not benefit us.

Releasing resistance can be as easy as making the decision to let go on the limiting forces in your life. Energy therapy also helps release resistance at a very deep level.

2. Reduce your time watching TV

Watching TV unconsciously is very exhausting. You may notice yourself that watching TV continuously can make you feel very tired. This is because you are watching passively and are not fully engaged with what you are watching. Television can zap you of your energy as its rays are over simulating on a physiological level. Watching too much TV also means you are not doing something more productive.

Be selective with the TV you watch! Watch programs that particularly interest you, which you are engaged with and that may benefit you in some way.

3. Clear away life’s clutter today

If you clean out an area of your life, you are giving the Universe a message to bring in something to replace it. This clutter clearing can be either physical or physiological. You can start with either. Most people start with physical clutter which you will know gives you a feeling of well being and more energy! In clearing away life’s clutter you create space for change to occur in your life. This you will find is much easier than struggling to make things happen.

4. Avoid/deal with Energy Leeches

One of the quickest ways to boost your energy is to distance yourself from those people who drain your energy. This is very effective but can be difficult if they are someone very close to you such as your partner or a member of your family. Set yourself boundaries of energetic protection so these people are less likely to drain your precious energy.

5. Create quiet time for yourself every day.

Have some time each day to do nothing (unless it relaxes you), but just to clear and refresh your mind. Our busy lives and minds often don’t allow space for creative thoughts to occur. Giving your self some time each day to distance yourself from life’s stresses and strains will make you feel more relaxed and much more energized!

If you only do one of these things you will feel the benefits and your energy supply will be abundant!

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