6 Secrets to Success and Money

Mindset: This is one of the most important things that you need to master to become who you want to be. Now this doesn’t mean that by mindset alone you’re going to get to your goals. However getting your mindset right is the curving point of your life towards success. There are two types of people in this world. Both types want to be rich and successful with amazing lifestyles. The first type not only wants it, but believes that they can achieve it no matter what. These types of people are the many millionaires that you see around you today. The second type makes excuses about why they can’t have what they want, or they leave it up to chance. To be successful you need to believe in yourself and be the type of person who is unaffected by other peoples negativity. You need to decide which type of person you are going to be as this is going to control how you live your life and where you end up. Always remember that the nature of thoughts impressed from your conscious and sub-conscious mind is the determining factor between success and poverty.

Education: The problem with the world today is that societies are educated the wrong way. To maintain order, governments sell you this idea that you are insignificant and unworthy of success, only to get you to work for them and support their system. Can you imagine if everyone was a millionaire? Governments would fall apart and lose their power over people. To counter this, they get schools to teach us that life is about studying for a quarter of our lives then working ‘hard’ in a pay check to pay check job, becoming another means of support for the government.  I’m not saying that studying or working hard is a bad thing, I go to university myself. It’s just important to be aware that the education system brain washes us into believing that this is the only way of life and that becoming a success is not meant for us or is impossible. Society has been forced to have a ‘tall-poppy’ syndrome mentality where everyone is equal, and thinking of advancing from the pack would mean that you are an outcast. Because of this, people will try to put you down and bring you to their level if you start to succeed, so that they themselves feel comfortable. This is why creating and maintaining a strong mindset is so important.

Abundance: To become wealthy there is one thing you must realise, and that is that money is unlimited. See most people think that to become rich you must take away the wealth of someone else. However this is not true, money is a form of energy and is everlasting. There are millions of dollars moving around at any one moment. Money is not the root of all evil as described popularly, rather evil is in the hearts of people and money is just something that can bring out that evil. Be very clear to get these false statements out of your system as they are crippling to your goals. If you have the mindset of a beggar who keeps coupons because there is a shortage of money and accepts this fate, you will surely stay a beggar. You have to think outside the box and open your boundaries a little bit. Don’t be afraid to take risks, you will not get anywhere staying in your cosy safe zone where you know everything will be steady.

Energy:  This is something that influences people to have certain emotions, and those emotions can either drive you or deprive you. Money is a form of energy as it can influence your emotion depending how much you have. Everything is energy in some way usually they just transform from one thing to another. For example you can transfer money in exchange for a Ferrari. The bad news is that there’s bad energy as well as good. Have you noticed that certain friends can drain your energy and others can uplift your energy significantly? These are the forces of energy that you feel from experiences and people around you. People that have negative energy who are close minded and very dull, ATTRACT other people with similar energies to them. Not only that but they also pull to them the bad energy in everything such as bad jobs, unsatisfactory relationships, ill health etc. This can be referred to as ‘bad luck’. If one ‘saves for a rainy day’ then that person will always have a rainy day because they are attracting it to them by expecting it to happen. The good news is that on the flip side you can attract the positive and fruitful things in life by becoming the type of positive energy that pulls to it other energy of its kind. So instead of concentrating on the beautiful things that you don’t have, realise the amount of beauty present in the things that you do have!  And by course of action that will attract other beautiful and positive things into your life like this article.

Consistence: It can be tough to maintain a wholesome positive energy after the daily grind of pay check to pay check living. Slowly your energy levels can dwindle from events like your car breaking down to having a fight with your spouse. Just remember to not waist any more energy on things that you don’t have control over, instead laugh about it, since you’re going to do it later you might as well do it now. Make sure you are consistent with your positive energy! If you start to slump, you will cancel the good things on ‘order’ which were being attracted prior to negativity. Mental energy reflects Physical energy, so if your body is tired it will tell your mind that it is tired also and vice versa. The trick to this is to get active! If you’re feeling down just start jumping around or doing some exercises. When you exercise, more oxygen enters your bloodstream allowing your brain and other organs to function better, making you feel more energetic. Therefore your mental energy goes up too and you can start attracting good things into your life again. I once went to an Anthony Robins seminar which was an 8 hour experience that was absolutely amazing. Through his seminar he would get everyone to become pumped up by jumping around and shouting. This was to prepare us for the ‘fire walk’ barefooted later that evening. When it was time to do the fire walk I was so prepared mentally and physical that I felt super human and basically strolled through the fire without feeling a thing. What I learnt from this experience was that if you are pumped up enough and have a clear enough defined goal (in this case getting to the other side of the coals) you can achieve the impossible.

Action: Thinking positive is not enough to get you to your goal, you must also take action or opportunities will slip by. Once you start to implement this way of thinking to life you will wonder how you ever did without it. It is very important for everyone to define their short and long term goals. When you achieve the easier short term goals you will get an extra burst of motivation to keep you going. And your long term goals will be guidance for you to get to your particular destination so you don’t stray from it. Your problems may hinder your ability to see your long term goals at times. If you look at a tree in the distance and imagine it to be your goal then place a semi-transparent piece of glass (your problem) in front of you, your sight will become compromised. After a while if you keep letting your problems come in front of you and distract you, it will completely change your path. This is why it’s so important to have a strong reason for your g
oal and a clearly defined goal. You can also put your goals on a pin board and place it somewhere it will be seen a lot. If you have a picture of your desired car or holiday destination visible to you constantly, it will motivate you more and give you that positive energy vibe. A quick way to reach your goal is to BE your goal. If you want to be a successful self made millionaire, then start acting like one. Imagine how that sort of person would talk and present themselves, how would they walk, how would they feel. Look at the world through your goals eyes whatever it may be. By doing this you will start rapidly attracting positive vibes towards yourself from the infinite source. Just make sure that your consistent with it and remember that however hard things may get there is always sunshine after the rain.  

I hope you now have an insight to how the wealthy think and live.
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