Focus on Smart Objectives – 10 Steps to Setting Your Smart Goal

Any successful entrepreneur willing to share their top success strategies will share with you the importance of setting smart objectives and acting upon them. To get from where we are today to where we want to be in the future, we need a plan. You’ve heard it before, failing to plan is unfortunately planning to fail.

Many people don’t realize their true potential. It doesn’t matter what your objectives are, but rather your desire to reach them, a core leadership trait. Irrespective of financial, personal or business smart goals, adopting these 10 tips will dramatically improve your chances for success.


1. Personal Ambitions

Respect yourself first by being certain the smart objectives you set are goals YOU want to attain personally, not those expected of you by others. An important leadership trait is a high level of independence.

2. Change Goals to Promises

Unfortunately many people have negative experiences with goals. Harvard University research reveals that of the goals set by the average person 70% are not achieved, however 98% of the promises they make are fulfilled. Change your subconscious mind to focus on promises and see a difference in your results.

3. Distinct Promises

Have defined, clear promises so you know what you are working towards, how to measure improvement and know when you have succeeded. A vague promise presents elusive results.

4. Leverage External Tools

Every leader needs positive motivators (people in your life that you want to do things for) as well as negative motivators (proving to someone you can achieve). Both motivators propel you to push further.

5. Form a Promise Plan

As businesses exercise business plans to map their success, people must have life plans to outline their success. Define:

• What your promise is

• By when you want to achieve it

• Where will you be when you achieve it

• Why you want to achieve it

• Who you require to assist you in achieving it

• How you wish to achieve it. This may not be evident in the beginning but will become known as you proceed towards your smart objectives.

6. Assess Your Smart Objectives Often

Successful people reflect with absolute passion on their promises as least 20 minutes a day. This encourages the conscious mind to imagine new ideas and programs your subconscious mind to produce new habits and expectations to deliver upon.

7. Positive Affirmations

Continuously say to yourself you will succeed. Watch what you say as this impacts your thoughts and actions and therefore your results. Your inner voice is enormously powerful, so pay attention to it.

8. Disclose Your Smart Goals

One of the leadership traits that separates the masses is the willingness to tell others about your promises. This increases the risk and thus your level of dedication towards achieving them. Furthermore, it aids in verbalizing your promise as it becomes clearer with each expression you make.

9. Picture Your Smart Goals

See the outcome as if you are currently experiencing it. Feeling it, seeing it and believing it comes prior to achieving it.

10. Undertake Action

We are the reason we either succeed or fail. With no action you have no hope of moving forward and achieving your promises. Action is the mark of an effective leader. Why wait another minute?

Implementing these smart goal setting ideas will position you closer to accomplishing your promises. Successful entrepreneurs include their promises into their daily behavior, resulting in consistent reminders. By taking action every day you are creating the foundation for your success – one brick at a time.

Elevate your smart objectives by taking your network marketing business to the next level. Achieve the success you desire.

Carla Baldock focuses on fast tracking success for network marketing entrepreneurs through developing leadership traits and providing effective network marketing business training.