6 Tips to Increase Your Energy Levels

I think it’s reasonable to say that most people find themselves in a position desiring to increase their energy levels. Tiredness and fatigue are very common complaints and being able to overcome these increases quality of life dramatically. So here are some ways in which you can certainly improve you levels of energy and enthusiasm.

I almost hesitate to include the most basic, but I will anyway, just so it has been covered. The first few here I’m afraid nobody wants to hear, but there’s just no avoiding it.

Exercise. Exercise 3-5 times per week. This is by far the best way to increase your energy levels as well as promote overall health. If you want to be a well rounded individual with good mental and physical health there is no way to avoid the exercise issue, sorry!

Diet. Again, probably not a popular answer but it just can’t be ignore. Food is fuel, if you put low quality fuel in your body then you surely will get low quality results. Personally I’m not fanatical, I eat junk from time to time, but I also eat fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis. I try to keep about the 80-20 rule on this. 80% good, 20% whatever I want. Generally though I have found I really don’t want junk! Similar to exercise it’s about balance, finding a mix that is enjoyable and practical.

Don’t over sleep. Sleeping too much will make you as tired as not sleeping enough, it’s just not good for you, or your psychology!

Eliminate procrastination. Procrastination will just kill your energy levels. It takes far more energy to procrastinate than it does to perform the task. Just do it. Firstly you will get the task done, secondly you will feel great about yourself and thirdly you will have increased energy at the end of it.

Complete all tasks started. If you start something, finish it. Looking at a job that is half completed and knowing at some point in the future you will have to complete it will drain you dry of energy. Finish what you start!

Find something to get exited over. Schedule thing to look forward to and get excited about. We never have a problem getting up early for something we are looking forward to. Schedule regular events that you love, golf, movies, fishing, anything really. Excitement and enthusiasm are a good for energy levels as exercise and diet.

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