Achieve Your Goal – The Straightest Paths to Success

So you have a goal of what you want to achieve in your life. You have mulled it over many times, justified why you want to accomplish it. You have also written it down, and meditate upon it every morning and every night as the gurus advised you to do.

And then what? You are still where you were. You still don’t know HOW to actually reach that goal … how to go from where you are now to that goal you want. So what do you do?

I am sure that you have heard it before that the fastest and shortest way to get from point A to point B is to follow the straight line. Mark Joyner in his famous Simpleology 101 identifies this as the first law of success – The Law of Straight Line. Why waste time and resources running round and round the circle, when you can just take a straight path and accomplish you goal? Why take one hundred steps to get to your destination, when only three can do it?

If you have a goal, a clear goal that is, but you’re wondering how best to achieve your goal, the rest of this essay will guide you to develop the straightest path to your target.

1. Training. Get training from the best in the area of your target. The best athletes, pilots, engineers, and others, get there through rigorous training. Training will help you to acquire new skills and knowledge, or sharpen existing ones. Training does not necessarily have to be those long term doctorate programs that take forever to complete, or even a 4-year college degree, but you can get short-term, focused and targeted trainings like workshops, seminars, or just relevant credits from your local community college. You can also consider good online programs.

2. Get a Coach – especially one who is well accomplished in the area of you target. Getting the benefit of coaching from someone who’s “been there, done that” is one of the straightest paths to hitting your target. A good coach should show you the path, and help you avoid potential pitfalls. I recognize that coaches are expensive these days. If you can’t afford to hire one now, you may get as close as possible to your desired coach by following their blogs or joining their social media networks.

3. Network: By networking, I don’t mean those endless, time-wasting emails, facebook and stuff like that. I mean “Strategic Networking,” the type that has the potentials to blast you to the top. There are two crucial “strategic networking” you should adopt:

4. Get a Mentor: Mentor-protégé relationship is a proven pathway to success. There is no truly success story I know of in any field of life that does not involve mentorship. Get one of the big names in your target area to be your mentor.

5. Big-name Relationship: Get into the circle of the successful big names in your target industry as friends, business partners or associates, joint ventures, co-authors, co-presenters, co-organizers, etc.

6. Build Your Portfolio: For your potential mentor or big-name relationships to take you seriously, you have to show them that you “got the stuff.” You have to prove your potential as a promising success story. Serious mentors don’t like to spend their precious time on people who will end up only wasting it. You have to prove to your potential mentors and big name relationships that if they invested their time in you that you will reward them with your success stories. Some of the ways you can prove your potentials is by writing book or articles, designing or developing some products, making presentations, as well as getting some good publicity.

7. Get a Manual: You want to write a book but don’t know where to begin, get a good manual on book writing, especially one developed by a best-selling author. Want to build an info-marketing business, but don’t know how to start, get a manual on info-marketing developed by a successful info-marketer. When successful people develop manuals on topics in which they had proven success, they often give you practical step-by-step guide that you could use to replicate their successes.

8. Volunteer: Providing free services in your area of expertise can go a long way in helping you reach your target. Volunteering endears you to the hearts of people, which brings in goodwill. Volunteering is also good way to practice your skills.

In conclusion, all these advice are irrelevant if you don’t take action. The only way to hit your target is by hitting it. Immerse yourself into your projects, and stay focused on the straight path to your goal.

Dr. Pat Mbajekwe is a college professor, human potentials coach and editor of Development & Motivation Newsletter. Visit his website and download your FREE “Success Package,” valuable gift that is guaranteed to accelerate your life success.