Are You Worth It?

People often talk about things they want or desire to do but don’t actually do it.

Here is a question – what defines freedom to you?

Is it travel? Is it money? Is it family time or enjoying time with your friends? Is it doing something for yourself?

This is what I have noticed within our society: 

1) People feel stuck in their lives 

The 9-5 job. The overtime. The feeling that things will only fall into place once they work hard for it. The feeling that they have lack of family time, me time lack of travel opportunities or feeling like they are just plain unhappy with their lives. 

2) People talk about what they want 

The dream job. The ideal work situation, that expensive car- the ideal home. I hear everyone around me talking about what they desire and what they “Dream about”. Lots of talk but no real action. 

3) People envy others that actually succeed in their goals 

They watch success of others. They dream of being in the same position. They read / re-read the success story. They analyse the “role models” life. People aspire to that level of freedom and success.

4) People do not take chances. 

This can be labelled as a “risk”. Why is that? Is it because there is comfort and stability within the 9-5 job? Is it because there is knowledge that the money will be stable and flow steadily to provide you with the basic items that you need?

Here is another question- What is actually stopping people from going ahead with “the plan?” So that they can achieve the bigger picture??

This is what I have noticed about people who can distinguish “the action” from the “dream”: 

1) They not only talk about it; they also do something about it 

These are people who realise that “the dream” is actually a goal. They look at life with a different perspective and think, “well why not me?” and go after it like there is no tomorrow. 

2) There is consistency within their effort 

These are people who do not give up. Even through the pain and situation of failure, they learn from their mistakes and just continue on with their path to personal success. 

3) They are aware of their short/ medium and long term goals 

These are people that believe any achievement is success! What an attitude, any goal, short/ medium/long can be and will be attainable with the right attitude and determination. 

4) They see no boundaries in their life 

Lastly, these are people that see no boundaries. That will step out of the box and will not “conform” or feel “comfortable” within their situation. These are people who consistently strive for the better be3cause they know- that they deserve it.

No let me ask you this- Are you worth it? Go after it- and be the person you want to be!!

Aileen Bautista is part of the “young Entrepreneurs” movement that is taking the world by storm. At the age of 25 she decided to escape the 9-5 rat race and work for herself. Aileen now works from home part time whilst also enjoying time with family and friends. Aileen now mentors others to achieve their own definition of freedom by offering them “the opportunity” to do so. Change your life and Make That Step today! Contact Aileen about joining her business and working from home on +61 2 8011 3598 or visit the website for product purchase