Building Self Confidence – A Fun Exercise to Get You Instant Results

Building self-confidence doesn’t have to be a long process of struggling. There are actually ways to make the process a little fun..and get instant results. Ready to get started? Here’s the exercise. It involves 2 parts.

Part 1. Create a success journal.

1. You’re about to get a lifetime achievement award. It comes with a million dollar prize. To get it, all you need to do is create a success journal of your life. I want you to list the Top 10 Greatest Accomplishments in your life thus far. These are strictly based on your beliefs not anyone else’s idea of what success should be. List the 10 things you are the most proud of that you’ve done.

Now, I want you to list all the things you’re naturally good at, things people have complimented you on, things that tend to come easily to you. (ex: sports, writing, event planning, listening, organization etc.) If you’re really feeling brave, you can ask three people you really trust to answer that question about you as well.

Finally, I’d like you to make a list of things that you’ve learned in your life. Things you’ve studied and mastered. (Ex driving, accounting, customer service, computer programming, etc.)

What this does: it shows you what you’ve already accomplished, the amazing things you have been able to do. I guarantee you’ll get an instant boost of confidence after writing this, as well as anytime you pull it out to look at it.

Part 2. Create A Thank You List.

Now you’re going to write your thank you speech. But I don’t just want you to put the people you should thank, I want you to put everything that you’re grateful for right now in your life. Go beyond the obvious ones like family, friends etc. Look at what you’re thankful for today – a sunset, a penny found on the sidewalk, a close parking space – anything that’s happened recently that you feel gratitude for.

What this does: Gratitude can transform any aspect of your life, especially your thoughts. When you feel grateful for the good things in your life, you are obviously focusing more on them. This not only helps you to feel more positive on a regular basis, it also helps you to worry less about the negative stuff. This in turn increases your confidence level.

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