Choose Your Day’s Perfect Ending

Contrary to popular opinion the second half of your day doesn’t have to be determined by the first half. Yesterday while I was having a conversation with a friend of mine I was reminded of just how important keeping in mind that we have the ability to separate our day in two or more parts is.

I asked her how her day was going and as it turned out the first part had been pretty hectic…

She went on to say that she had almost felt like packing it all up and calling it a day, when she decided to make a conscious decision to “enjoy the second half of the day!”

I’ll agree it almost sounds overly simple, but that’s exactly what she did. Just to see how it turned out I made a point to check in with her later and I’m happy to report back that she did in fact have a good second half of the day.

A few additional things you could do to change the tone of your day might be: read a few pages from a book with a positive message (an audio program or audio book counts too!). Break out your journal and write down your ideal day — how will it end, what will happen to make it a “perfect day”.

The idea here is that through a series of fairly simple actions you’re taking a proactive role in balancing out whatever negative feelings or thoughts you’re experiencing with a more positive outcome that you wish to manifest.

While there’s no guaranty the exact outcome you hope for will come to pass, you’re most certainly going to get a more favorable result than if you simply do nothing and let things unfold as they might — without your at least attempting to shift things to the way you want them to be.

You see my friend, sometimes life really is about slowing down and affirming to ourselves that we want to make the best of the day!

Here’s hoping you’re having a great day — if you find that you aren’t, why not take the necessary steps to give yourself a better than average chance of enjoying the second half?

It’s your life, LIVE BIG! 
Josh Hinds

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