College Doesn’t Always Equal Success

One of the biggest examples of this erroneous thinking is the fact that millions of people believe they cannot achieve great things because of lack of education. For one reason or another, after high school not everyone moves on into a continued educational program – whether it be a vocational school, college or university. Again, perhaps they did not see a way for it to be possible, so rather than trying to forge ahead and become successful, people settle. They don’t know any better, because they are brainwashed by society to believe that you must be college educated in order to achieve success.

Guess what? Here’s another big secret – If you’re smart enough and ambitious enough, you do not need a college education to become anything your heart desires. Sure, there may be certain exceptions to that. If your dream is to become a doctor, you will most definitely need an education. However, no one should believe that it cannot be possible, no matter how old you are, race or class of people. A child raised in the ghetto cannot expect to be a doctor or a big shot one day, right? Many people believe that he is destined to become nothing more than the way he was raised. That may be true, if the child falls into this erroneous belief system.

The smart ones, the ones who have the drive and the motivation to better themselves, are the ones who will do whatever it takes to make it happen. They will not settle nor fail. The examples of this living proof are all around us. How many of you know a person who has become great, without ever having any college, or perhaps studied something completely irrelevant for what they have become? I know many authors who did not go to college for journalism, English or any sort of training whatsoever. It is a God-given talent to write. I also know of a man who worked as a chef for most of his adulthood. He was good at it, but hated cooking for hundreds of people every night. A friend suggested he try sales to get an office job. “But, I’ve never done anything like that. I never went to college,” he objected. Nevertheless, he put out a professional resume. He landed a six-figure job for a sales company who catered to the aviation industry, which is something he always had an interest in. The company actually liked the fact that he had never had any prior sales experience, because that made him “trainable”. He had a fresh mind and a great voice. He became a top performer and was thrilled with his new career.

Never let anyone naysay on your desires. Most of all, don’t YOU become a naysayer. You will never know exactly what you are capable of doing if you don’t take that first step of exploration and at least give it a shot. The worst that could happen is that a prospective employer will tell you – “No, we’re not interested.” On the other hand, you could land your dream career. Some employers are impressed more by determination more than credentials. If you have to, you can work your way up by proving your worth and strong desire to achieve.

If you feel the need to go to college, then by all means – sign up right away. Don’t waste another minute talking yourself out of it. Don’t worry about money, or time or how you will possibly manage. If you want anything badly enough, and if you believe it most strongly with all of your mind and your heart, then it is most guaranteed to come true for you.

Your job is to wait, listen, watch and believe. Let it go and put your wishes out there instead of holding them inside and talking yourself out of it for any reason. Just know with strong faith that it will come. Be happy. Your patience and passionate belief will prove your purpose. You will be see then the huge payoffs of your persistence!

Debbi Lee is a successful marketing trainer and consultant. Debbi trains entrepreneurs all over the world. She is extremely passionate about helping others reach their goals and dreams. Through her experience in the home based business industry she has learned that helping others achieve their success will in return achieve her own success. Her motto is “what you see and believe, you can achieve.”