College Student Success Secrets – Overcoming Adversity at University to Birth Your Destiny

College students face unique challenges and difficulties on the university campus. Overcoming adversity often becomes the best university for college students as they learn to be self-sufficient adults capable of tackling problems and standing on their own two feet. When college students leave home, a wide array obstacles and challenges suddenly meet them. Entering adulthood is no easy task whether you are a college student or not, but here are some proven success secrets to overcome adversity and achieve self-mastery wherewith you can give birth to your destiny.

When I left the comforts of home to begin my college education, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the many things I had to do just to survive daily, not to mention tackle my coursework and hit the books to be successful in my college classes.

My out into the real world as a college student meant I suddenly had to locate a suitable apartment, pay rent, buy my own groceries, set up my water & electricity provider, deal with transportation, service my car, buy a college parking permit, complete numerous applications and documents to secure the before mentioned, wash my clothes, and most importantly attend class daily and adequately study to succeed as a college student.

To say the least at first it was overwhelming. Yet here is what I quickly learned about college success and how to overcome adversity on the university.

1. See problems as opportunities for personal growth and development.

Undoubtedly as you grow into adulthood (of which being a college student is just a part), every opportunity and pursuit you shall joyfully go after will be joined with a series of problem solving opportunities that will test you.

Being tested is not something we look for, nor delight in. Yet as college students, we should expect to be tested not just in the classroom, but even more so by life itself. In fact, I learned in college that some of the biggest breakthroughs and transformations in my personal character came by way of entering the real world beyond that which I was accomplishing in the classroom.

Real world challenges are not always as easily solved as a test question on an exam within academia at college. Nevertheless as you stay the course and buckle down to endure the process you will be amazed at your personal growth and progress into adult life.

Let’s face it, when we are teenagers protected by our parents and living at home, we think we know it all. When we launch out into the real world to live on our own, we experience a rude awakening as we collide with life as it really is (apart from and beyond what our ego, while living at home thought life to be).

When that wake up call comes, embrace adversity and problems merely as opportunities to become more self-aware and discover areas of personal growth that are needed within your life. Many assume they are all that and project an air of adulthood and being established. However when push comes to shove, we often realize when undergoing the fiery pressures of life that we often are not as mature as we said we were.

2. Remain humble, respect others, and recognize that you need help.

Humility opens up hearts to graciously favor and help you. Humility is your opportunity to reveal to others tenderly that you need help and respect their input and contribution into your life. Respecting others and showing honor to those to whom it is due, will birth maturity in you.

It is strange how this works, but know for sure when you honor others it always boomerangs somehow back to you in many ways. Instead of worrying about appearing foolish, why not humble yourself and seek the help you know you need to get over the hump you currently are facing?

Acknowledge and recognize you have need of others to get where you are going in life. If you have been taking your parents, advisors, teachers, and friends for granted… go home, pick up the phone, and call them. Tell them you are sorry and pour out your most sincere apology.

When you do, healing will come to you and your family. Your heart will become more pliable, flexible, and sober. Then you can truly begin to enter a new level of personal self-mastery as you humbly recognize others success, your need of their input into your life, and that you are never an island unto yourself.

3. Hold to your heartfelt desire and vision, but let the blueprint and road map evolve to lead you to your personal promised land.

Many times we get a glimpse into our future, behold a vision, and begin wholeheartedly to journey to our desirable promised land. We diligently do all that we know to do, but somewhere along the way we lose our fire and desire. Our passion dwindles and we begin to die inside.

This is when you must reconnect with your true deepest desire that initially captivated your heart. Only you know where, how, and when you became pregnant with purpose and that baby lept inside of you!

Perhaps along the way, as you attended to the details to make the dream a reality, you became discouraged and listened to naysayers who dwarfed your dream. If so, don’t allow anybody’s opinion diminish you, neither allow people to put their map on your life.

Breakout and break forth into your dream once again! Be free to breathe, believe, and become! With faith like a child, let your dream again come alive and go after it wholeheartedly, unashamedly, full force with the zeal of a ferocious tiger looking for food.

Let that dream feed and sustain you, being the reason you awake with passion every morning.

Remember as you journey toward your desirable outcome and vision that it doesn’t necessarily have to happen as you originally thought. Don’t become rigid and frigid about the process. Allow the process and pathway to serendipitously and supernaturally evolve. Don’t box yourself in by premeditating how you think it must be and thereby limiting yourself.

Be open to crossing paths with new people, even those who are not outwardly packaged accor
ding to your personal preference, to co-labor with you and assist you in route to the fulfillment of your dream. After all, every dream requires a dream team. Failure is always an orphan, but success has many fathers.

Your college success as a student will be no different. Therefore happily and courageously embrace any and every form of adversity as you continue with your college, remembering that adversity is part of your university education and a means by which you shall move one step close to living your dreams.

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