What Do I Need to Know About Educational SMART Goals?

Annabel and Erika are Accountancy freshmen who graduated on top of their class in high school. Yes, both girls are achievers, and they have the scholastic records to prove it. But then again, anyone who has read the girls’ homework on college goals can deliberately foretell that Erika will fair better in college. For while Annabel goes for “I’m gonna do well in class”, Erika seeks to “manage my time well to be able to get a 3.4 grade-point average in all my subjects”.

Indeed, educational smart goals distinguish the achiever Erika from the equally high flier Annabel. FYI, SMART goal means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. Here are a few examples of educational smart goals:

Educational smart goals are specific-stir away from muddled, consuming and unachievable goals. Goals must be scrupulous, to the point and clear. The educational smart goal variation of “I’m going to study later” is “I will devote 2 hours every night to do my schoolwork.” Instead of “I’m going to finish my term paper”, aim for the educational smart goal of “I will start doing my term paper, a month before the deadline.”

• These types of goals are measurable. Time frames, dates, amounts-anything that can be your benchmark for success is central as they can help make out whether you have attained your goal or not. Rather than hoping for “better grades”, work for a quality point index of 3.5 by the end of the semester.

Educational smart goals are attainable. Take action not a reaction-be realistic in your goals. Graduating on top of the class is dubious if your frequently on probation or if your average is just 2.2. Why not effort for a 3.0 instead-with good study habits and time management-that is more probable.

• They are relevant. Any goal should be grounded on a clear rationale. If the goal is to get an A on a biology mid-term exam four days away, don’t get preoccupied by starting on your home reading report that is not due for another week.

• They are time bound. Goals have got to have a starting point, a time frame and an ending point. Working on a detailed thesis paper is praiseworthy, but exhausting yourself for every little thing when you only have a week to finish it? That is suicide.

Those are some of the things you need to know about educational smart goals. Having smart goals is your pass to a good life-student life or life in general. Mastery of the goal setting process is the key to make the most out of life, especially if you are still a student. But what is even more imperative is that students don’t just have goals-they need to have smart goals. Unquestionably, goal setting is an important must-have for students-but it is a most disconcerting thing to master. But taking time and effort to make your educational goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound-can make all the difference to the direction of your life.

Don’t just aim. Hit the mark. Set smart goals.