Intentionally Train Your Mind – 5 Steps to Being More Focused and Productive in Everything You Do

I was introduced to something this week that after only 6 days has had a major impact on my life. It is called “segment intending”. It is a practice described by Abraham-Hicks that involves breaking your day up into segments and then creating a particular intention for that segment. So, whether I was heading off for a hike with my daughter or digging my heels in at work, I set an intention. In both of these cases I set an intention to enjoy each moment, to give thanks for the time I was able to devote to each activity, and to be creative and as productive as possible.

It was a quick exercise that took only a few moments but I quickly discovered how powerful this practice could be. I found myself committed to the here and now and armed with a mechanism to draw me back to the present if I got off track, I was able to experience and accomplish more than I ever would have without it. For instance, one morning when I was hiking with my daughter, I found my mind drifting to all of the stuff I thought I should have been doing and worrying that I was being unproductive by taking a long hike in the mountains. But, I quickly brought myself back to the moment and remembered my intention. I focused on my intention and had one of the most enjoyable hikes all week. This positive experience naturally led to a more positive day and ultimately more positive outcomes.

Following are 5 ways you can train your mind with intention:

1. Choose a length of time for your segment. If you have never done this before, I would recommend a segment of about 15-20 minutes. As you practice, you can begin increasing your time. Choose your exact start and end time and stick to it.

2. Attempt to plan your segment during a time when you will not be interrupted. This is easier said than done with kids to take care of, bosses coming in and out of your office and the constant noise of life happening all around you; but, do the best you can. A minor interruption may have no impact on your ability to focus and stay in the moment in which case you may decide to continue with your segment. However, if a more pressing interruption finds you, it may be better to end your segment and set an intention for another time later in the day. The important thing to remember when this happens is to reschedule your segment.

3. Determine your goal for that time period. You could do any number of things during this segment. For instance, you could be completing tasks around the house, organizing client files, returning phone calls, writing an article, etc. Just set your intention for that activity and remain focused.

4. When your time for the segment begins, allow yourself to focus solely on that. If at any time you find your mind wandering to something else, redirect it back to your intention. This is probably one of the biggest challenges when you begin this practice. Our minds are programmed to handle multiple things at one time and we have to learn to train our minds to focus. This takes practice.

5. When your time is up, complete your segment. Reflect on what you were able to do during this segment, how it felt, and what, if anything, changed for you. Some people find that this practice allows them to accomplish more in less time. Some people make a practice of doing it multiple times throughout the day. Only you can determine how it will work for you, but the more you do it, the more you will discover your mind becoming much more responsive to what you need and how you feel. It is in many ways of a form of meditation and you will soon find yourself opening up to this power of the mind and accomplishing more than you ever thought possible and more importantly enjoying every glorious minute of it.

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