Studying Made Simple

Studying tips:

Study methods

– Do not just study one single subject for long hours.

– Study 2-3 different subjects regularly everyday, even if there’s no test.

– Review what’s been taught in class, on the very same day.

– Preview the lessons which haven’t been taught.

– Use mind-mapping concept in studying.

– Instead of memorizing one whole paragraph, highlight the important points and try to understand, not mug up, so that you can develop the points in your own sentences in the test.

– Each study period lasts for about 25 minutes.

– Take a break about 5-10 minutes after each study period.

– Do not do anything that needs concentration during the break, ie. playing electronic games, reading story book, etc.

– Drink a cup of tea/coffee, sit back and relax during break time.

– Do not multitask while studying.

– Listen to soft musics only, e.g. baroque, or other classics.

Self commitment

– Make a proper daily study schedule.

– Commit yourself to the schedule that you’ve made.

– Do not take learning as something boring or difficult, in fact take it easy, no tension.

– Do not set any target for marks, just give it the best shot, however you should be aware that having no marks target doesn’t mean it’s ok if you get failing marks, failing marks are not at all your best shot!

Health matters

– Eat balanced diet and exercise regularly everyday.

– Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

– Avoid staying up till late at night when you’re having tests.

– Staying awake the whole night studying for a test is not recommended, you may finish studying the portion for the test but the next day you’re going to forget them all!

– Early to bed, early to rise, makes a student healthy, brainy, and fresh.