How to Earn Extra Money through Tutoring Online

For those looking to make a little extra money in this economy, why not give online tutoring a shot? Tutoring online is a lot like tutoring in person except the tools you are going to be using will be digital as opposed to a physical book and note paper.

Here are some reasons to consider online tutoring as a second job:

Work When You Want

Just like any other Internet job, you can work when your schedule allows you to. If you want to work from 8am to 10am you are free to do so. If you want to work from 9pm to 10pm, go ahead and knock yourself out. You control your schedule and can work whenever you feel like it.

Tutor Whatever Subjects Are Interesting To You

Your college degree might be in English, but perhaps you are talented in history as well. You can put your talents to good use as an online history tutor. Most sites will require nothing more than passing a test to prove that you are competent and know what you are talking about.

This is great for people who want to make extra money just sharing the knowledge that they have and want to get some extra hours out of it. The more subjects you can tutor, the more opportunities that will be available to you to work.

How Much Do You Get Paid

Working as an online tutor will pay you close to what you might make in most retail situations. A lot of online sites will start you out around 8 dollars an hour, but will increase your pay over time. You might be able to max out at around 12-15 dollars.

This isn’t nearly as much as you can get as a private tutor, but you also don’t have to find the clients and worry about not getting paid. You also have the benefit of working at home and whenever you have the time. This isn’t something you can always dictate as a private tutor.

Online tutoring is a stable field that has many job opportunities. If you are looking for a second job, or a source of income while unemployed, working online as a tutor is a great way to share what you know while making an income. It might even be a resume boost if you hope to work in education someday.


Francine Gomez is a career consultant and loves giving stay-at-home moms new ideas for how to make money. There are many opportunities to bring needed funds into the home — learn how to make money writing articles to earn extra spending money or to fully support a family.