College Students Success Secrets – Overcoming Adversity, Knock the T Out of Can’t

Conquer your fears, transcend your limitations, and be a college student success story by overcoming adversity and knocking the T out of can’t. Only believe and you can achieve success. Overcoming adversity may be tough, but any college student can overcome with these simple success secrets.

When I entered college and went through growing pains, I realized I was in store for some new challenges for which I had never been forewarned. My parents encouraged my academic success throughout high-school into college, but never bothered to prepare me for the rigors of college life and academics.

There is a big difference in college between knowing you “what” you need to do and knowing “how” to do it. Unfortunately many college professors (perhaps by reason of being in the trenches of academia too long) are not always so helpful in that regard. Plus it is often hard to find someone as a college student who you can relate to who also has some intelligence who can guide and counsel you.

Sadly even college counselors sometimes treat you like another problem in their caseload rather than a genuine person needing someone with a heart to talk to. That being said here are some success secrets to help any college student overcome adversity on their university campus.

1. Stay calm and cool.

When you stay calm and cool, what you need to do will more easily come to you.

Just acknowledge and recognize your present problem, after which set in your heart the intention to tackle it once you know what to do. Upon setting your intent to tackle and deal with this problem, you assuredly will eventually figure it out and take it out!

2. Listen intently, ask questions, and seek out intelligent people.

The more you listen, the more you learn. Those two ears attached to the side of your head are there for a reason. Unfortunately most people prefer to move their mouth a million miles a minute to vocalize their problem, rather than solve it.

Problem solvers however know the secret to solving problems successfully is to quietly process the problem, design a strategy to solving it, and inviting intelligent people around you to help you figure out how to tackle it.

Humbly yourself and ask questions of those around, preferably those with intelligence who can provide good advice and tell you what they would do. As you listen and gain varying perspectives, eventually intuitively it will come to you what it is you should do.

3. Don’t despise the process as you sort through the pieces.

Everybody wants to be a college student success story, but success doesn’t come overnight. You have to make the grades for four years and remain focused through the many attractive distractions throughout college.

As in obtaining a degree, wherein is required the completion of various coursework, overcoming adversity sometimes requires life work and internal home work as you sort through the pieces to your ordeal.

When my mom died prematurely due to a drunk driver hitting her, I had to process some of my unanswered questions and find closure. This was not done easily and took time. Likewise must you most likely give yourself some time to sort through the personal pieces and elements to that which is presently testing and challenging you. Embrace the process regardless of the present pain, knowing assuredly that as you do you will grow through and get up above your problem eventually.

Once you rise above it, you will then be able to objectively look down and back at it to see more clearly. When that time comes, you will simultaneously be able to comfort and lift others currently suffering in a similar dilemma as you. Therefore your present suffering is not in vain, as truly it will empower you to help others just the same.

4. Celebrate your progress.

Celebrate your small successes and steps forward.

When I was hit by a drunk driver (another drunk driving accident years after my mom was killed) and my car was totaled, I was injured physically and great crushed financially. I was already suffering financially before the accident. The drunk driving accident however pushed me over the edge. Suddenly I was now having to use rental cars for months, fight my insurance company for payment, visit medical doctors continually, and sort through stacks of legal documents and medical bills nonstop.

At one point I foolishly said and thought it would have been better if the drunk driver would have killed me, because the pain of the present situation after the accident was crushing and killing me. It is safe to say I was overwhelmed and miserable.

Nevertheless serendipitously a car dealer showed up in my life and offered to personally finance a car for me to buy (since my credit was ruined after the accident and I couldn’t get a decent loan from a car dealer). I was so thankful and appreciative.

Nevertheless I had to make car payments in the range of $2,000 a month, while trying to live off a teaching salary of $2,600 a month and pay a mortgage on my house. Incidentally, those 6 months were very challenging.

Yet when I finally made that last car payment, I rejoiced and sighed a sigh of relief.

Sometimes it is the little things in life that we most take for granted, but suddenly begin to appreciate when they are swiftly removed from us.

I therefore gave thanks to God and rejoiced upon making that final car payment.

What are you thankful for today? As you begin to give thanks something will arise within you, whereby you will be lifted above your adversity and the ability to overcome will mightily move you forward.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitud
e and apply these marvelous success secrets to work miracles in your life and propel you happily and successfully through college into your dream career!

Wishing you great and continued success!

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