How to Deal With Shyness in College

Many students are involved in an uphill struggle during their first year in college. This is to be expected as there is a lot on their agenda in the form of various responsibilities. Whether it’s balancing school work and social life, or getting adjusted to life on campus, young adults will have a lot on their minds. It’s fair to say that not everyone will be fully prepared for the challenges that are ahead of them during this crucial time. Fortunately, there are some steps that can be taken in order to help ease the tensions of being a first year student, helping to tackle some common fears and deal with shyness in college.

It can be hard making new friends in your first year of college. The difficulty exists for commuters and those who live on campus alike. If you live on campus, this will be your first experience with a new sense of independence and freedom to make your own choices. There are many others on campus who may feel just as intimidated around new people as you do. This is an important fact to remember as you are first making new friends at your college.

If someone is sitting alone around campus or at lunch, politely offer to sit with them and introduce yourself. This friendly gesture alone is usually all it takes to make someone feel more welcomed and if they are a part of the community. Making new friends and finding common interests among you and your peers is crucial because you will be spending a majority of your time in and around campus. Here you will build new lasting relationships that will help to make your extracurricular time more worthwhile.

Another important tip to help combat shyness in college is to get involved around campus. This is an opportunity that is usually open to those who live on campus and commuters as well. Most universities have some form of groups or planned events that students can be a part of. Usually these programs are organized by other students, which is what makes them so valuable. These groups may be structured around a common interest or even be centered on the surrounding community. You will have the best opportunity to make new friends at these functions because the others students involved will share a common goal or experience.

However you go about confronting shyness in college, remember the value of making good and lasting friendships. This is a concept that many first year students struggle with, but with a little bit of coaching new relationships can be obtained without much difficulty. Making new friends at college is by no means a competition. It is just a necessary skill that will bring fulfillment to your everyday life!

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