Creating Abundance and Prosperity

Like a crystal full of light, reflecting all the colors of the rainbow, we are each filled with a brilliance that manifests into our lives whatever colors we choose. When we disconnect from this inner source of abundance we experience a lack of light and color in the form of scarcity, worry and fear. When we tune into this divine essence we feel prosperous and we see that our lives are full of joy, wonder and possibilities.

As we each create our own reality based on our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions, we can instantly choose scarcity or prosperity. Lack and limitation stem from denial, resistance and negative thinking patterns. Abundance and prosperity are born out of trust, love, ease and positive perspectives.
Are you willing to let your inner light shine bright into your life?

Answer the following questions as a way to gain insights into your levels of abundance and prosperity:

* What does abundance feel like to you? What supports you in feeling abundant? Reflect on as many things as you can including your thoughts, attitude, behaviours, books you read, shows you watch and people you spend time with.

* What blocks your abundance and how does this feel? Is it mostly outside influences or inner thoughts and feelings that get in the way?

* What does prosperity look like to you? What is it like to be prosperous in health, work, love, finances, relationships, creativity and any other areas of your life? How much prosperity do you have in your life right now?

Try the following exercises to increase your levels of abundance and prosperity:

* Much like turning a tap on or off, we are in control of the flow of prosperity in our lives. Imagine that your inner flow of abundance is a tap, and notice how much is flowing right now. Does this reflect the current level of prosperity in your life? Imagine turning it down and notice how this feels. Now turn it up bit by bit until it is fully flowing and notice how this feels. Envision the prosperity that will manifest into your life if you keep your abundance flowing.

* Spend five to ten minutes each day with your eyes closed in stillness and tune into your inner source of abundance. Feel the subtle flow of energy within you and allow it to increase and brighten. Let it flow throughout your whole body and down into your cells, melting away any scarcity blocks. See this vibration flow outward bringing prosperity into all areas of your life.

* Throughout your day, stop and notice how abundant and prosperous you are feeling. You might use the image of a tap to see how much is flowing or a crystal to see how bright it is shining. Consciously choose to increase this flow to the level where you want it to be.

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach and Author of the book “From Chaos to Calm” and the CD, “Create What You Want In Your Life”. Gini utilizes a powerful blend of Spiritual Energy Awareness, Co-Active Coaching and Wellness Counselling tools to guide people to connect to their inner truth and bigness, move past blocks and create a life of joy, ease and freedom. For more information, articles or to receive a complimentary monthly e-zine, “Insights & Inspiration”, visit