Do You Know Why The Law of Attraction (LOA) Never Works for You?

Is the law of attraction (LOA) as real as the law of gravity? If LOA does exist, why didn’t you manifest your desires? Granted that LOA works at the subconscious level, and is not as obvious as the law of gravity, but why some people achieve phenomenal success using it, while others struggle even with simple request?

In this article, you will find out the 6 hidden reasons why the law of attraction didn’t work for you no matter how hard you try.

1) Inner Blocks

Probably you doubt that LOA is truly a law. You doubt that it works. What about bad experiences? For instance, hurt by someone you love? These unpleasant memories can reside in you as blocked energy. And the next time you want to attract love into your life, it just doesn’t happen.

So even though you may want something, subconsciously if you are stuck, you are not going to receive it.

2) Weak Vibes

The law of attraction is always about sending the right vibes to attract what you want. If inherently, your personal vibes is weak, and your desire a challenging one, manifestation will not occur.


Consider this: if your personal vibes has strength of 1, and you wanted to attract something challenging that needs an energy level of 7, you are not going to achieve it.

3) Wrong Mood

Watch your mood. Feel relaxed, happy and fulfilled – always! If you think about what you want with a feeling of lack, you are going to attract more lack and push it away.

Managing your emotion is a bit tricky. It’s hard to feel relaxed, happy and fulfilled thinking of something you want, yet don’t have.

What should you do? Fake it till you make it. Keep telling yourself to stay relaxed, happy and fulfilled.

4) Poor Visualization Skill

You can’t see what you want in your mind’s eye. Either the images fade off quickly or they are unclear. When this happen, you are sending a confusing message to the universe. And the end result? You can’t get what you want.

5) Lack of Patience and Persistency

You and I live in a world where a lot of things take place at warp speed. And you expect manifestation to happen that way too. It doesn’t. Be realistic and put in effort. Keep engaging the law of attraction to strengthen your vibes and send clear signal to the universe and ask for manifestation.

If what you are asking for is important to you. Is it worth your time and effort to work on it? You bet.

6) Expecting Things to Happen Automatically

Miracles do happen. I have no doubt about that. Some times result shows without you having to do anything more. But how often can that happen?

Pay attention to the direction from the universe instead. Act on it.

I urge you to read these 6 points. Then re-read if you want the law of attraction to work. Decide today that you want to manifest your desires and work on it.

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