Being Specific To The Universe In What You Want To Have In A Relationship

In society today, it’s highly noticed that people have a desire to bond and be loved in a relationship. Most likely, a lot of people have visions of what they want to have in a true relationship. Some people desire to have a close friendship with another person, others desire to begin with dating so that it can lead to marriage.

With these different desires, most people don’t know if it’s possible to ask what they want to have in a relationship. Can their possibly of asking the universe their desire become as a reality?
In why most people ask this in their mind, either because they have hurt so much by previous relationships in the past, or have been told that they shouldn’t deserve to have wealth, successful, or anything!

Or sometimes, some people have probably asked the universe, but wasn’t specific by what they want to have in a relationship, and it ended up in disappointment! This actually leads to why it’s so important to be specific to the universe of what one want to have in relationship.

For example, a person who says to the universe, “I desire to have a date in my life so that I can marry that individual! I want marriage now! I desire an individual who looks pretty! ”

Maybe days, months, or years later, that pretty individual shows up! At the beginning, it might seem exciting! Then too, that person begins to get to know that individual, he or she begins to be excited!

As the months pass by, the person wants to know that individual on the deeper level, but doesn’t want to open up and just want to take in the relationship! Most likely down the road, that person realizes and thinks, “Why did I meet this individual in the first place? That individual doesn’t match what I desire to have in a relationship! This individual is always a taker! I thought I asked for my desire! ”

Later on, the person is disappointed and hurt by relationship! It sometimes leads that person to cut off the previous individual and find somebody new in their life!

My own life story:

In my own life, I’ve had failed relationships in my past. This was in dating and friendships! But the area of where my failed relationships came from, it was trying to develop close friendships, which I was hurt and disappointed! I developed a very negative mindset from those previous relationships! I complained until the cows came home, which it was from past hurts!

Not long ago in 2010, I discovered about asking the universe of what you want in a relationship. I did that step, which is asked, believed, and received! These things from what I discovered in the book called “the secret” which changed my thinking and life! Today, I am more positive person now then years ago thanks the secret.

Besides, Even though I did those things, around March of 2010, I was in another close friendship. Yes, I got hurt, disappointed, and had to cut it off! Out of the mist of that relationship, I didn’t focus on my failure from that relationship! I started to learn from it , and get to the root of the problem so I can fix it!

In addition, I learned and strongly realized that I wasn’t being specific in details to the universe! My revelations is to first ask and be specific in details, after that focus on the joy of that person coming and what it will be like, and receive on what I want to have in a close friendship!

Right now, I put those things into effect so that the universe can bring it into manifestation! Even though some feelings of my previous relationship come up, but I don’t give it ground at all! I focus on the new right now! Even though that friend has not arrived yet, but I can still feel joy of it!

What do you mean by being specific in details?

For example, a person who speaks to the universe, “ I desire to have a close friendship with a person! I desire that individual! to not degrade me! A friend who will always call and be there for me! A friend whom I can connect with! A friend who have my best interest! A friend whom I can trust with my secrets! A friend whom I can trust, which that individual can trust also! A friend who I can tell any thing! A friend who is not trifling! A friend who doesn’t have a bad attitude! A friend who strives for humility! A friend who has a great heart! A friend who understands! A friend who can tell me everything!”

After being specific, make it your focus, you will feel joy at this! Rather you desire marriage, a close friendship, or a date; envision that it’s arrived!

Where your focus is at, that’s when your faith begins to be at work! It might take time to feel it, but it takes focus and act if you receive it now!

Therefore, the universe reacts to un-wavering faith and what a person strongly feels inwardly! In other words, you will get what you are feeling! What you feel is what you attract in your life!

Final word

It’s a great time to be specific to the universe and concentrate on the desire that you want to have in a relationship! Never believe that you won’t have a successful relationship, everything that’s impossible, is possible!

Thank you so much for reading this post!

Tyler J.Logan

This guest post was contributed by Tyler J. Logan who is the founder and owner of self-help enrichment, which his blog is at He writes on personal development, self-help, and glimpses of life’s situations!