Positive Attitude Tips – Push Or Pull, I Decide

These positive attitude tips, this mental focus: Push or Pull, I Decide can be very helpful because it reminds us that we’re in charge of our focus. I can’t change everything in my life immediately. I can’t make other people change. But I can change my focus and, as you’ll see here, there’s a wonderful outcome when I decide to pull instead of push.

Positive attitude tips and mental focus are not about judging how you feel, because it’s okay to be in whatever mood you’re in… it’s good to know how you’re feeling. But it’s also great to know you’re in charge of your mood and that you CAN shift it. Every shift in mood, however slight, moves you closer to the life you envision and to the answer(s) to every challenge you’re facing. Making incremental shifts in mood and thought lead to greater success.

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” —Albert Einstein

I’ll share an example here of how the positive attitude tip: Push or Pull, I Decide works as it relates to being overweight. I’ll demonstrate how we can push against what is mentally, when our jeans are too tight, OR we can create pull and positive momentum. What we choose, determines the ease or stress we experience.

Defining PUSH (MOTIVATED FROM THE OUTSIDE) ACTION:To beat the drum around what’s wrong, staying negatively focused.

The self-talk in this PUSH mode sounds like: “I can’t believe my pants don’t fit. I can’t believe I’m so slack! I hate this. I’m so mad at myself for getting this way. Damn I know better.”

Things that happen from this PUSH mental and emotional place: This mind loop keeps me stuck because it makes action feel hard, forced and difficult. I’m trying to make my self do something from a negative mindset. From this place I trip and drop a dumbbell on my toe in the gym. I twist my ankle on my aerobic step. When I try to make healthy meals I feel overwhelmed. It seems hard and I’m irritated. I can’t find the healthy stuff I have on my grocery list and oh, those cheetos’s are calling me. Damn this is hard.

Defining: PULL (INSPIRED FROM THE INSIDE) ACTION:To acknowledge how I feel and then decide to try to move my focus toward something that feels a little better, to try to find some relief, knowing that this gives me access to my Guidance and inspired action.

The self-talk in this PULL positive attitude tip and mode sounds like:”I can’t believe my pants don’t fit. Okay, I know I don’t like this but I do know that I can do something about this. I do know that I can decide to do some things differently and that if being thin and fit was easy, everyone would be thin and fit. And everyone’s not thin and fit. But I do know that I really do want to be thinner and more fit again.

As I begin focusing on what I want, using the PULL positive attitude tip, momentum builds in my thoughts… I have the resources and I have the ability and I have all sorts of support from my favorite fitness website Cathe.com. I just need to change some things, and I can do that, and I know I’ll see progress. There have been many other people who’ve been in this place and they made progress and met their goals and they’re not any different from me. I can do this. For now I’ll put these pants away and out of sight and I’ll find something I can put on to feel better just for right now.

The PULL positive attitude tip leads to feelings and thoughts of empowerment… There are style-things I can do that will make me look and feel a little thinner, until I truly am. And I know at some point, I’ll be in those pants again. But for now I’m going focus on feeling a little okay where I stand and I’m going to step-by-step make new decisions and before I know it I believe I’ll be where I want to be. I am in charge of this stuff and I am a good, capable person. I can manage this, I can do this, I have all sorts of resources, I can do this.”

Things that happen from this positive attitude PULL mental and emotional place: This positive attitude tip/mind loop opens me up to insight, guidance and inspired action. I find my old Body for Life cookbook and remember how easy those meals were before. I get excited about how easy shift my food could be. I’m at the bookstore and I see the new Body for Life book with all of the new success stories, I get inspired when I read about all the successes and transformations.

I visit Cathe’s forum and read stuff that inspires me – I like re-connecting with fit and healthy-focused people. I pick out the Cathe workout I love the most. I enjoy each part of it, in the parts I can’t do yet, I march in place, knowing that I’ll get there. I feel proud and inspired by my accomplishments in my workout and I re-live the workout in my mind throughout the day, I did good work. I’m on my way. I’m inspired to fill up my water jug and drink more water and I can feel how that it’s squelching my hunger and regulating my body. Later that week I go into my pantry and easily move things around so that the healthy stuff is more prevalent and I toss the junk. I feel good right now. I know that changes are coming and I believe I am on track.

Shifting my mood and mindset, incrementally, is the name of the game. If I want to be all that I can be, if I want to truly Wake Up Eager, I need to embrace my feelings and then I need to be in charge of them.

This is the best positive attitude tip I’ve ever implemented: Embrace how I feel, then honestly and softly move myself to a new mental and emotional place, step by step. In my softer, less negative place, I get closer to Source and my own Guidance.

Sounds simple, but its not also easy to do, especially if I’ve gotten on a ‘rant’ around what’s wrong. I can really get on a roll. The problem is that that negative rant (on whatever topic), while it may be truthful and correct, it keeps me away from Answers and Inspired Action. Ranting, PUSHING keeps me stuck.

It can be hard going at first, but if I stick with it, I can start to find and feel relief. When I start feeling a little lighter, clarity of action about what to do next, comes. So instead of continually and mentally beating the drum about what’s wrong… I choose this positive attitude tip: PULL – by trying to try to lighten up and appreciate what’s right. 
Push or pull, I get to decide.

“Being happy is the cornerstone of all that you are! Nothing is more important than that you feel good! And you have absolute and utter control about that because you can choose the thought that makes you worry or the thought that makes y
ou happy; the things that thrill you, or the things that worry you. You have that choice in every moment ” — Abraham-Hicks

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