Free Up Stress Then Use Your Word Power to Attract Superior Health & Unlimited Wealth

The quick and easy formula for achieving your goals is to use your greatest power for its highest and best use. If you were a developer, some one who focuses on the most profitable use of a particular piece of land, just think how stressed out you would be if you had a few hundred acres of prime ocean front property and could only get a permit for a hot dog stand!

Words are like prime ocean front property with unlimited potential. They are the creative life force of the universe. This truth may seem so simple its hard to believe and yet if you ask anyone who has achieved a great deal of success if this is true they would surely agree because words express your intention. They give your life direction.

Yet most people go around wasting this awesome power explaining what already happened, using this precious energy to create a story explaining why they can’t do this or haven’t done that, creating excuses why they were late…blah…blah…blah…when instead they could in fact be using that same energy to create all that they do want.

Who uses words better than anyone to get what they want? Advertisers of course! They spend millions of dollars a year using the latest psychological research to program your brain to part with its precious cash and do something you may have never even considered before! That’s powerful stuff!

You can use these same techniques to inspire and persuade yourself by creating a custom ad campaign for yourself. Invent headlines that grab your emotions and inspire your desire, your passion and your purpose. Some of my personal favorites:

It is fun and easy for me to consistently receive all I need to live a life I love!

I have a source of energy that is continuously regenerated

I am expanding my capacity to receive financial abundance

Words like these create powerful intentions that will manifest your goals with far less effort if you can eliminate any inner resistance to experiencing what it would feel like if that were true for you. The more you feel it, the sooner you will see your goals show up in your life.

Remember, what you speak you create. Choose your thoughts and words wisely, as if every word you put out there was going to work for you, creating the reality you are sure to experience. There’s no better way to reduce stress than to fully realize how powerful you are.

As you become increasingly aware of your thought process you will have access to a truly empowering means of achieving your goals.

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Barbara Zagata is author of Don’t Stress~Manifest: 21 Truths To Set You Financially Free and founder of Stress Free Personal Finance.