What Are the Ingredients of a Positive Attitude?

Positive attitude is a huge subject that I believe one cannot get enough of. I am doing a series of articles on this fascinating subject with added examples and practical application techniques that can be very useful.

What are the ingredients / traits of a positive attitude person?

  • Hope – expecting good things to happen Have you ever told or been told anyone “you are hopeless?” This is probably one of the worst things you can say of anyone. Without hope there is no reason to get out of bed is there? Without hope you a person do not bother attempting anything.
  • ‘This too shall pass’ attitude They know that life has its seasons of rain, sunshine, ups and downs and that these come and go in cycles. Even when things are great a slow-down will occur sometime. Knowing this allows one not to become euphoric one day and ‘in the pits’ the next minute.
  • A thankful spirit It is the ability to be thankful for all the blessings that are in and part of your life. Even the challenges because they make you grow stronger, like exercising, to prepare you for the next blessing.
  • Seeing the potential in a problem An example, the recession and you are short of cash. Can you see the potential? 30 billion people are looking for a way to make extra /save money per month online.
  • Creativity To be able to look for the good in any situation one needs to be creative. You need to have a uniquely different perspective to create or find potential solutions.
  • Goal oriented Without a goal your optimism is like one of those firework spinning wheels; plenty spark spinning in circles till it fizzles out. With a goal there is reason to find solutions and take action.
  • Focused approach Although you have goals you realise you cannot achieve them all at once. There needs to be a focus on a few of them for best results. Diluted effort = diluted results.
  • Passionate / charged up / Enthusiasm / joy The positive role models I have observed ALL had a passion, enthusiasm and joy about something. You better get excited about something in life. Preferably everything you do.
  • Looking at the truth and not the facts of a situation The facts may be that you do not have any money or may be overweight. The truth is that in your mind you already see yourself driving your ideal car. You already see yourself in that little itsy bitsy bikini with all the guys looking at you on the beach. Do you see with your eyes or your mind?
  • It is a determined choice to be… Being positive is a choice. Not once a day but many times every day until it becomes a habit. This is probably where most people fall flat on their face because they are waiting for or expecting a ‘feeling’ of positiveness. Positive people do not depend on others or situations to make them positive.
  • Action oriented What I mean here is that you are not a wishful thinker. No matter how much you believe you will achieve, that in itself will not get the job done. They know that just wanting something is not enough. Action is required.

Now the strangest thing is that most people assume positive think is feeling and that it starts the action. What if you are down? How do you get positive? You certainly will not think positive and then take action. I believe that to get the mood right you first need to act. The mood will be induced and the real ‘get off my butt’ action will follow the mood.

How do you do this?

Quite simple really. Just DO something that makes you feel great, preferably something that requires physical movement. Here are a couple of Examples;

  1. My best friend likes to do gardening to sort out her mindset. She even bought the best chainsaw she could find, and enjoys the “power” in her hands. The physical activity and the thinking time seem to work hand in hand.
  2. Listening to your favourite piece of upbeat music will probably get you dancing.
  3. Take any positive book and read 5 pages.

The great thing about becoming a positive person is that all these traits can be learned through consistent practise to form a habit. I will be sharing practical examples of how to do this in another article and on my blog.

Ockert Pretorius has more than 14 years experience in the health MLM industry. He is teaching and mentoring MLM entrepreneurs to leverage the internet for rapid growth and sustainability in their core business in the most cost effective way. Blog: http://www.ockertpretorius.com