Depart From Your Comfort Zone

We are all basically creatures of comfort. Anything that contributes to our physical and psychological ease and comfort, we are eager to sign up-whether that is food, clothing, shelter or taking action to improve our quality of life. Our natural tendency is to retreat from making decisions that require us to explore new possibilities. Yet, as uncomfortable as it may be, experiencing discomfort is a necessary evil if we desire to live a fulfilling life.

No doubt there are people you admire for their courage and grace, who defied the odds and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer in their quest for success. You watch them on TV, read their books, listen to their music and, yes, you live with them and occasionally share lunch with them. You admire them because they make it look easy. You admire them because they’re passionate and driven. You admire them because they have a determination that you desperately (and secretly) desire.

One of the habits that I had to break as an entrepreneur was procrastination. The reason I procrastinated is because the action steps needed to accomplish the task would require me to depart from my comfort zone. So, I’d waste precious time and energy strategizing, but not executing my strategy, because that was the difficult part. The notion of being rejected by a corporate executive, extemporaneous television and radio interviews or delivering a keynote speech didn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy! But, because I was determined, I pushed through the discomfort to achieve my desired results. Of course, staring at the alternative was a great source of motivation as well!

Typically, it is our perception that clouds our judgment in times of indecision. You’ve heard the phrase, “Your mind plays tricks on you.” It is true that fear is generated from our imagination-it’s not reality based. There is a genuine fear that helps us detect when we’re in harm’s way, but most fears are contrived, and keep us from having, doing and being our best.

Are there possibilities you’ve considered but postponed, or abandoned, because the idea of exploring them caused you discomfort? Have you reasoned away your truest hopes and dreams because of perceived fears? If so, then gain comfort from the fact that yours is not an isolated experience. You and I live in a world where we’re surrounded by mediocrity, or the status quo. The few that are able to break the mold and keep pressing forward, do so, not necessarily because they’re smarter, but because they’ve discovered the secret: preparation, determination, like-minded connections and Providence. Do your part and leave the rest to Providence.

With each barrier that you push through, that same resolve will see you through the next, and the next, and the next! Our past successes equip us to face future challenges with greater confidence. My challenge to you this week is to acknowledge an area in your life that you wish to improve. Then, stop procrastinating, strategizing or making excuses. Begin taking action to change your life for the better. Write it down: PREPARATION + DETERMINATION + LIKE-MINDED CONNECTIONS + PROVIDENCE = RESULTS.

Rebecca McClain is a life and career development coach. She is the founder and CEO of Life Treasures, LLC. As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach she is recognized as an expert in personal and professional success and fulfillment. Visit her website at to receive the free eBook, Top Ten Secrets to Living the Life of Your Dreams.