Effective Goal Setting – The 3 Keys to Achieving All Your Goals

Effective goal setting is a crucial step to creating the life of your dreams. While there are many different elements that go into creating that success, there are really only 3 that you must master to create true lasting change. If you do none of the others elements, if you just master these three, you’ll be well on your way to creating success and prosperity in your life.

Step 1. Make Them Must Goals: Jim Rohn says, “With enough REASONS, you can accomplish anything!” This first step is about finding the reasons for why you MUST achieve these goals. Unless you have compelling reasons behind your goals, you won’t have the motivation to achieve them. Having goals that are “SHOULDS” will not get you out of bed each day and keep you up late!

You’ve got to turn your “I SHOULD DO THIS…” into “I MUST DO THIS!”

This is why it’s so important that your goals be in alignment with your core values and life purpose. If they are, your path to success will be so much easier and JOYFUL than you could have ever imagined. Your goals will keep you motivated and excited about the journey.

If they’re not, you’ll have a much harder time keeping the momentum going and actually seeing them through to completion.

Step 2. Create your vision: You should create a vision of what the future will look like when you achieve your goals. It should encompass all the different things that will happen when you achieve your goal. For instance, Jim Rohn, the personal mentor of Tony Robbins, says that you should set a goal to be a millionaire for what it makes of you to achieve it. It’s not about the money, it’s about the knowledge you’ve gained, the obstacles you’ve overcome, the skills you had to learn, the people you got to help along the way. He said, “What we acquire of course is valuable. But the greatest value is not what we acquire. The greatest value is what we become.” Keep this in mind as you create your vision.

Step 3. Take action. The most detailed and effective plan is worthless if you never put it into action. Remember, your results are dependent upon the intensity and frequency of your actions. If you want big results, take big actions. If you don’t mind smaller results while you’re building up your confidence, then start with smaller actions. But you MUST act. Mike Litman, one of my mentors, has a great philosophy to help get you get moving.

1% a day.

Commit to 1% a day to move you closer to your goal. Imagine where you’ll be in a year, 2 years from now by just adopting this simple and DOABLE strategy!

Little steps lead to GREAT achievements!

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