Five Tips For Better Visualization

There is little doubt that one of the best methods of reaching self fulfillment is the use of visualization.  It help bring to life your deepest dreams and desires. The problem is that many people have a hard time visualizing their desires.  Some people even believe that they are unable to visualize. That is simply not true.  Everyone can visualize.  Here is the classic example: Don’t think of a pink elephant. Well, you just visualized. There is no way that you did not see a pink elephant. Given that you now realize that visualization is possible, here are a few tips to make your visualizations more effective.


  1. Sit properly. Find a confortable straight backed chair. Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and your jaw parallel to the floor. Many people will try to lie down while visualizing. Unfortunately, instead of having a good visualization, you end up with a nice nap. Sit up, it is just too easy to fall asleep if you lie down.
  2. Play soft music in the background. My preference is Bach, Mozart or Gregorian chant. This music tends to induce an alpha state of mind which opens the subconscious mind.  Instead of traditional music, you might also use bi-neural beat music (headphones required) or isochronic tone music which are very effective in opening up the subconscious mind.
  3. If you are having trouble seeing the images, you might want to set up a wish book.  This is just an album filled with pictures of the objects of your desires. It might be pictures of happy family moments, money, your dream house or car or anything else that you are working toward.  By reviewing this album prior to your visualization session, you might find it easier to see the images during your session.
  4. Make the emotional component as strong as possible. You are much more likely to achieve your visualization goals if you can turn it into a burning desire. If you find it difficult to add emotion to your visualizations, you might try an association technique.  Think back the the happiest time that you ever had.  For me it was the birth of my first child. I was laughing and crying at the same time.  To this I add a physical component. In this case, I place my hand over my heart. Now every time I place my hand over my heart, it brings back those original strong emotions.  Now when I am in a visualization session and I feel the emotional component is not strong enough, I simply put my hand over my heart to associate my current visualization with those strong emotions from my past. This has been a very helpful technique for me.
  5. Add a physical element to your visualization.  This is really easy and it works well for me.  For example, if the object of my desires is a new Mercedes AMG, I will go outside and sit down in my old car, close my eyes and pretend that I am driving that AMG. It doesn’t take long before you feel the wind in your hair, hear the rumble of that V-12 engine and smell the leather of those fine ergonomic seats.  If it were money that were my object, I would run down to the local bank and get a hundred dollar bundle of $1.00 bills.  When you enter your visualization, close your eyes and start counting those $1,000 bills. Smell that new money smell and feel that crisp texture. I admit that when I open my eyes, they still look like ones but not during my visualization.


Do these things every day and be open to the opportunities that will present themselves and your visualizations will become your reality. Thoughts are things and if you keep at it, you are going to see all kinds of opportunities to realize your deepest dreams and goals.

Stan Pontiere has been an avowed self-help geek since high school-more than 40 years ago. For more information on self-fulfillment please visit: or my blog at:

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