Focus People, Focus – How to Get Anything and Everything You Want

The secret to getting everything, and anything, you want is simply focus.

End of article.

Just kidding.

Let me go on for a bit. But, this process is not complicated.

Focus on what you want. Focus on what you want all the time.

Let me state this a different way. Stop focusing on what you do not want.

The law of attraction will bring you more of what you focus on. That is why it is important to focus on what you want (versus what you do not want).

This may feel like a tough task. It is … until you master your mind.

For years (I have read books from the early 1900s) self-help books has told us this. You must control your thinking.

You must become conscious of what your are thinking.

Earl Nightingale told people to write down what they want on a card and read it several times a day – especially before going to bed.

The point is … keep your goal/desire, whatever you want to call it in front of you – on your mind as much as possible.

What I do is post little messages everywhere you go as reminders. I used to post a message on my shaving cream can because I shaved every morning (first thing in the morning – which is a great time to focus on what you want).

The key here is when you focus on what you want – focus on already having it and how that makes you feel (you had better be feeling good about having it).

So other things I have done around reminders on what I want: 

  • placed a message on the ceiling above my bed
  • yellow stickies on my desk
  • sticky notes on the fridge
  • reminder note in the car
  • screen saver messages on my computer
  • reminders several times a day in my electronic calendar
  • reminder on my daily to-do list


You get the idea. Be creative and pick some things that work for you.

The key is to remind you so you focus on what you want.

Then let the law of attraction bring it to you.

My experience with the goal card caused me to use these other methods. I just did not reach into my pocket enough to focus on the card. So I added some other reminders.

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