Goals – 5 Deadly Mistakes That Prevent You From Hitting Your Goals

1-Setting the wrong goal.

When you set the wrong goal you usually don’t hit it. Even if you do hit the wrong goal you are not satisfied when you do. When you neglect giving your goal thoughtful consideration set yourself up for unnecessary frustration. The wrong goal can cause you to waste a large amount of time, effort and money.

Solution: The best goals are the ones which help you achieve meaningful objectives in your life. They should be challenging but possible. Your goal should fit in your overall plan for personal development.


The habit of putting things off can eventually drain your motivation. You delay your success when you neglect to take action in a timely manner.

Solution: Develop a habit of taking immediate action. Do not tolerate inclinations to wait for better circumstances. Tell yourself now is the right time to act.

3-Listening to negative people.

Some people will not be supportive of you in your desire to better yourself. These people will say bad things about you. They will try to discourage you. When you listen to these people you make hitting your goal an impossible feat.

Solution: Only listen to people who are supportive. If you do not have anyone like that in your life then don’t tell anyone about your goals.


Being afraid is a common pitfall associated with goals. Some people will not do what it takes to succeed because of fear. There is a fear of looking silly if they fail. They refuse to act because they believe it is more comfortable to do nothing.

Solution: It is OK to be nervous about attempting to hit your goal, but when the fear paralyzes you from taking action you have a problem. See the tasks associated with your goal as opportunities to move forward. Know that each time you do what you need to do you put your self closer to hitting your goal. Let your desire motivate you more than your fear.


When you fail you feel like it’s over. You did not hit your goal so you feel like you wasted your time. It seems like all is lost. You feel like missing your goal makes you a failure so there is no chance for ever experiencing success.

Solution: Failure is never permanent unless you quit. Use determination to fight through negative feelings. Get back up and try again. Persistence until you eventually succeed. Success is built upon failures that you learn from. Each time you learn from your failures you actually grow stronger.

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From Anthony D. Carter – a leading expert on goal setting.