Goals – How They Sabotage Success

You might be thinking, WHAT, how can having a goal possibly sabotage me?

When you set a goal it is something you hope will happen in the future. It might or might not happen. This future oriented focus puts pressure on you. It is an end point you are trying to get to and this pressure will sabotage the outcome. You have no control over the future.

So what can you do? Not set goals? Then how do you create changes in your life?

Here is what you can do. Set an intention. An intention is present oriented. It says in this moment you are putting your action, your attention, your energy, and your will in the direction that you are aiming for. You can focus on the intention right now. For example say your intention is to get a job. Right now, in this moment, you are putting yourself in the direction of a job. Right now, in this moment, you act according to that intention by making a call. All of this is happening here and now and you have the power to make a choice now to act accordingly to that intention.

This gives you the empowerment each moment to focus on your intention and make choices aligned with this. If you do not make the call today, you can refocus on the intention later and act in line with in.

Staying in the now helps. You have choices in the now. The future does not exist yet and what is happening in the future you can influence only through the now.

Set an intention and conceptualize that this means all your attention will be focused in this direction today, the outcome, what happens in the future, will be what it will be.

Now you are off to a good start. For more about maintaining these changes, getting through challenges, and responding to the mental and emotional changes that come along with the process, check out my website:http://www.debrajoygoldman.com/ or call me at 561-844-1340. Recognized as a leading counselor and educator for the past twenty years, in the South Florida area, Debra Joy Goldman specializes in counseling individuals, couples and facilitating groups The mother of three adult children and grandmother of two, Debra and her husband (her high school sweetheart) have been married for 33 years and live in South Florida with their cat Leo (who really runs the house).