How to Boost Your Self Confidence – 6 Great Tips You Can Use

If you lack self confidence, it could be that you have low self esteem, which means you don’t have a very kind opinion of yourself and your abilities. This often comes about because we like to compare ourselves to others, and sometimes we think we don’t measure up. Read on to learn how to boost your self confidence.

Here are 5 great tips to help you build you self-esteem and confidence:

1. Be aware of your self-talk – the things you say to yourself in your mind. When you say negative things to yourself, your subconscious is listening and it will believe you; this is where low self-esteem starts. Don’t say things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to another person. When you catch yourself using negative self-talk, stop, correct yourself by turning what you said into a positive.

2. Look at your negative behaviors. Think about some of your habits that you want to change – do you procrastinate? Do you put yourself down when talking to other people? Do you eat too many of the wrong foods? Do you mean to start exercising? Now is the time to change these behaviors and take steps in the opposite direction.

3. Set achievable goals for yourself. There is nothing like achieving something you set out to do, to make you feel good about yourself. Make your first goals easy and short-term. Use some of the negative behaviors from No.2; write them as a goal with a time limit.

4. Make a list of the things you like about yourself and your successes. Be honest with yourself – do you like your hair, your eyes, that you are good friend, that you are good at your job. Keep the list where you can see it, and keep adding to it.

5. Be realistic – remember, no one is perfect. The people you think are super-confident may have insecurities that you know nothing about. Accept that life has hills and valleys; bumps come with the territory. Learn to laugh at yourself when you make silly mistakes. Accept that sometimes, things just are the way they are.

6. Be grateful. Every day, be grateful for what you have instead of only wishing for what you don’t. Gratitude is a wonderful, uplifting emotion.

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