How to Improve Your Concentration and Overcome Procrastination

We live in a society where multitasking is common. Frequently you’ll find that it is even encouraged. Yet, when we begin to multitask on a regular basis we begin to loose our ability to Concentrate. So what is concentration? Concentration is when you are putting all your attention on to one task, one object or one activity. When you are able to concentrate, tasks are completed faster and they are completed more fully. You may even be able to enjoy the activities more. So the question we try to answer in this article is: how to improve your concentration?

Concentration and procrastination are closely linked, improve your concentration and you will start to overcome your procrastination. The opposite is also true, by overcoming procrastination you will find that you have a much higher level of concentration. The methods used to improve concentration can easily be applied to overcoming procrastination.

For these reasons, it is useful to learn the basic steps that will help you to improve your concentration. Once you have learned these steps, you need to practice them on a daily basis. The following tips have been used by many people to improve their concentration.

1. Learn how to center your thoughts. This means while you are supposed to be writing that report try your best to block out that conversation you just had with your spouse or your boss. It can be hard to push out those negative thoughts or those worries that fill your mind. Yet, you must try.

If your mind is full of problems or trying to come up with ideas on how to start that next project you can not fully concentrate on the current tasks you are completing and you can’t expect to complete it to the best of your ability.

2. Make your work area quieter. This may mean turning off the radio,switching off your cell phone, getting rid of that ticking clock and even turning off your email for the time being (yes, you can actually do this and survive).

Noise is one of the main things that can disrupt your concentration.

3. Make sure your environment is not distracting you. If you are working facing a window and you find yourself looking out the window, more than you are working; it is time to find a new work location.

4 .Make plans on how you are going to complete your task. This is an essential way to help you concentrate if your project is a big one. Break the project into a sequence of tasks. Make lists of these tasks and check them off as you accomplish each one. Also plan a break after you have completed a certain number of tasks.

5. Set a deadline for yourself if one hasn’t all ready been set. This gives you a goal. You can even break your project down into tasks and set a time line for completing each task. Again, after you complete one or two, reward yourself with a small break.

6. Make time for your health. This means you need to take the steps and time for exercise, rest and eating healthy. Ensure that you drink water regularly as dehydration can cause a loss of concentration. A healthy body is a body that is able to be productive.

Concentration is something that we all can learn to control and improve. As we discussed at the beginning of the article there is a close correlation between overcoming procrastination and improving concentration. You find lots of useful information on both topics on the internet along wit programs that will quickly allow you to overcome procrastination and also improve your concentration you just need to seek them out.

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