Let Yourself Breathe – Go Back to Balance

Welcome to the Information Revolution!


“The glut of information no longer adds to our quality of life, but instead begins to cultivate stress, confusion, and even ignorance.” –David Shenk (award-winning, best-selling author)


Have We Created a Monster?

When the overwhelming pressures of work and life accelerate faster than you can deal with them, do you feel like you can’t breathe? If so, what you’re experiencing may be normal.

Super-achievers often challenge themselves to the max and then wonder how they are going to cope with it all? As the song goes, it just takes your breath away.

Simple Solution

This easy 1-minute breathing exercise helps to bring your mind and body back into dynamic balance. I learned this exercise from Voice Coach Nicki McClusky. Practicing it daily keeps me centered. It keeps me connected to authentic qualities in my voice when I present at speaking engagements and teleseminars.

Practice it and see how it works for you.


  • Stand up straight with your feet firmly on the ground and shoulder width apart, your knees slightly bent, and your arms relaxed down at your sides
  • Blow the air out of your lungs through your mouth in one quick exhale.
  • Breathe through your mouth with a width yawn.
  • Hold air in your lungs and abdomen for a few seconds.
  • Then breathe out slowly through pursed lips.
  • Feel your feet become more rooted to the earth.
  • Repeat two more times: Breathing in air through your mouth with a wide yawn, holding air in your lungs and abdomen for a few seconds, then slowly breathing out through pursed lips, and feeling your feet rooted to earth.
  • Notice the difference.


The Power of Practice

A simple practice can become a natural part of your daily routine. Then you have a healthy habit that helps you think clearly, prioritize and get the results you want with less effort.

I invite you to play in the practice field of positive possibilities.

Sylvia Warren, MBA / Conscious Leadership Coachinspiring smart women to thrive as leaders – Simply the Best Coaching

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