Life Thrives on Action

Activity Keeps You Young

Life thrives on action. People who savor life fill their days with activity, and when they’re not active, they feel less than what they ought to be. Action allows you to avoid feeling sluggish and dull, conditions that occur when you prematurely stop your momentum.

Life thrives with activity in that increased activity pumps life-giving blood through your veins and arteries at a greater rate. It’s the boost to blood racing through your body while supplying your cells and organs with health enriching oxygen and nutrients, and flushing away deposits of harmful toxins. Plenty of enjoyable exercise helps to rid your body of built-up waste deposits that take years away from your life span.

Inactivity is like a narcotic – deceptive with a promise of pleasure – it distracts you from normal pursuits and allows stagnation to occur. Once it has a hold over you, it doesn’t let you go.

Toxins increase, because they become settled in cells and tissues rather than being flushed away by an ample blood supply. If you’re feeling dull or listless, you have blockages that cause your inactivity and prevent you from obtaining your dreams.

Positive Action Gets Things Done

You dream of what you want from life. As the years pass, certain dreams don’t happen, and you’ll set aside some dreams and replace them with new ones. To have a chance of realizing your dreams, you must focus upon what is essential to fulfill them and then take action to achieve the desired result. Cavett Robert, one of America’s outstanding speakers says the following about taking action:

“A constructive life is built of the things we do – not of the things we don’t do. Never forget that the only material used in building a constructive life is positive action.”

Positive action gets things done. Some people are famous for being a dreamer, but these people most likely followed their dreams by taking action. Successful dreamers – writers, builders, inventors, speakers and others – took action to transport their dreams from thought into reality.

Know What You Want From Life

Living your life with any degree of momentum requires action and action requires doing something. Your determination focuses an action and brings it to a point of completion. The strength of your determination is proportionate to the probability of your success.

Clear, organized and well-conceived thoughts inspire actions that don’t waste energy. Often, people live their lives drifting from one experience to another, wasting both time and energy. People “drift” when they either don’t have a plan or simply don’t act upon their plan.

Those people will find that their life is not on course. They aren’t living joyfully and successfully. They aren’t sure how to avoid “drifting.” And are not sure how to direct their course.

Having a Goal Directs Your Course

To direct your course, you need to be clear about where you want to go – you need a goal. The more clearly you etch a goal into your mind, the easier the goal will be to accomplish. A goal gives you a destination; deep thought gives you a plan and focused action gives you the possibility to attain your plan.

While working on your plan, rest and recharge your energy, especially if your goal is difficult to achieve. Allow your mind to rest because you come across many stressful situations. Know how to deal with your stress. Some stress causes too much action – frantic action – and some stress causes too little action – laziness.

The first step toward having a satisfying, joyful life is to begin to know yourself well. The time you spend in meditation, deep thought or prayer will give you insight and momentum to take action on your life’s plan.


Formulator of Dentizyme™ and other natural remedies, Dr. Rodio is an Ethnobotanical Research Scientist and the Director of Natura Health Services, Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona. She researches how plants, foods, and customs influence the health of cultures around the world – socially, emotionally, and physically.

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