Wishing for a Dream Boat? 5 Tips to Reach Your Goal

It has always been your dream to own a boat–it may be a small sailboat or a yacht you can charter out for local cruises. You love the water, you love boating, yet here you are on a day to day basis, only dreaming about what you would like to have instead.

The good news is that you can have your dream, and you can do it in a timely manner. All you have to do is refocus your energy into making that dream come true.

While this may sound like “new age” thinking, the truth is that you can accomplish anything through organization and positive reinforcement. You cannot simply dream about it, you must live to own the water craft.

The following steps can be used to make this, or any other dream come to fruition:

1) Write Down Goals

You will need to purchase a notebook just for your goal and in a very plain and basic format, write down what you want. In this instance, you may simply wish to say “I want to own charter boat business.” Saying and seeing your goals in writing can be a very powerful incentive.

2) Pick Five

Pick five main things that need to be accomplished to make this dream come true. Once you see what needs to be done, you can start planning how to make them happen.

3) Dedicate Thirty

You will need to dedicate thirty minutes a day or more to accomplishing your goal. This could entail something as simple as gathering information, requesting quotes on boats and docking, or writing out loan applications.

4) Educate Yourself On Business

Dedicate at least two days per week to learn about the business. This is a separate action from any other activities you are doing to reach your goals. Learn about how to structure your business, accounting methods, tax information, employee laws and regulations, insurance* requirements, and anything else relevant to your particular industry. Do you need to learn new skills to make your dream fly? Enroll in college or certification classes, or work part-time in the industry so you can get first-hand experience.

*Please note that laws on the water are different than land laws. Whether you need property, liability or employee insurance, consulting with an offshore injury attorney can provide beneficial information, as they defend employees with compensation type claims resulting from injury at sea.

5) Reaffirm Your Goal Weekly

Take the time each week to reaffirm why you want this goal to happen. Consider making a milestone chart with goals and objectives. Check off the completed activities on a routine basis so you can see how you are progressing towards making your dream a reality. This continual affirmation of your goals will help you maintain your pace, and excitement.

Dreams can only become a reality when the person with that dream can see it for more than just a thought. You must actively try to make that dream come true; it will not happen on its own. You cannot sit around and wait for something miraculous to happen so that it can become a reality. You must make the dream come true through your own actions.