How to Get Motivated – 11 Simple Ways

Motivation is a psychological feature which arouses you to take a step forward to your goals. It’s easier to be motivated when you have freedom to choose your goal. But there are also times that your goals are identified by someone else.

Your personal goals are the products of your desires so you have one of the best motivator; your desire.

When it comes to the goals identified by someone else, it can be more difficult to be motivated. You always have something to be done every day. You have to be motivated to finish your job that is identified by your boss. You have to be motivated to help your friends. You have to be motivated to answer your family’s needs. There can be more goals in your life which are identified by others. In that case, you need more help to get motivated.

When you cannot have all things done on time, don’t worry. You are not alone. A day only has 24 hours for each of us. I know there are super moms, workers, students, business owners who seem to have more time than us. Don’t judge yourself and never be in a bad mood. There is always a solution. I can give you some tips to follow and I know they will empower your motivation.

The first thing you should keep in mind is, not to force yourself to get motivated. Forcing yourself only makes you bored, angry, upset and finally, give up. There are better ways for motivation. You can motivate yourself internally or externally.

How to Get Motivated: Internal Factors

1. When you try to get motivated on a subject, there are always interruptions. Instead of getting angry, you should try to find out, if there are opportunities in these interruptions. Actually, interruptions add too much to your motivation. When you lose motivation, your mind has some time to organize your thoughts, your problems and your goals. Finally, you come up with a bright idea which you were searching for and this will help you to get motivated again.

2. In order to get motivated, you must have self confidence. Unless you have self confidence your mind will be busy with your previous failures, the problems that can occur and even with others’ thoughts about you if you fail. You must have self confidence and change your focus from your failures to your success.

3. When you feel powerful, your confidence will rise. The best way to feel powerful comes from your experiences. Try to remember the times which you most feel yourself powerful and successful. Remember a trouble you have solved successfully. Now, come back to the moment and think; you had that power before, you could handle worse before. Why not now?

4. As you know, body posture is important on others’ thoughts but, do you know that you can also empower your self confidence with your posture. When you have the right posture, you will convince yourself that you can get motivated for your success.

5. Do whatever you need to be happy. Happiness helps you to be open to novelty and you can be more motivated to learn and investigate new opportunities. This way you will be more successful.

6. You can also use your anger for motivation. Anger can motivate you to succeed. When using anger you must be careful not trying to prove yourself to others. If you do so, you’ll always keep in mind your failures and that will break down your motivation.

How to Get Motivated: External Factors

7. Music is too much effective on the mood. There are some melodies or lyrics which make you feel something powerful is rising inside you. You feel confident, happy and like you have everything to succeed. Music is a good motivator to help you take steps.

8. Inspirational movies are also like music. When you lose your motivation don’t force anymore and give some time to yourself to relax. Watch a movie which can make you happy or inspired. Don’t think that it is a waste of time. Actually it is a kind of time management. If you don’t watch a movie or do anything else which will inspire you, you will spend the same time trying to find some inspiration to be motivated.

9. You can also use inspirational quotes to motivate. Some quotes, work like a magic. They can empower your motivation.

10. When you feel locked up, the best thing to do is to socialize. Spend some time with friends. Turn your focus to something new and clear your mind for new ideas. Besides, support of friends will add more than you think to your success and motivation. Also, some friends can be more motivational than anything else.

11. Change the place you are working if possible. Even if you don’t notice that, changing your point of view, will help you to change your thoughts and discover something new for your motivation.

Those are not the only motivators you can use. There are also some techniques you can use. You can benefit from meditation, NLP techniques, affirmations and subliminal recordings to motivate yourself.

I hope you won’t have difficulties any more to motivate yourself.

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