Motivation in a Minute – Simple Skills to Self-Motivate and Mood-Regulate

It dawned on me that there are some things worth mentioning around ‘motivation’ – how to access it and how to maintain it.  Here are my top 5 tips:

1.  Listen to uplifting music

Whether it’s Mozart, Motorhead or Musicals, if you have a piece (or pieces) of music which makes you feel great and inspired when you listen to them, make a resolution to up-the-ante and get them on the stereo a little more often!

2.    Invest in some motivational audios

These are great for listening on your personal stereo or ipod when you have gap-time (on the bus, in the car, while you’re walking).  I recommend some of the audio material from and from  Like me, they’re professionals of the human potential movement and their material will give you a whole new opportunity to frame your life in a rich way.

3.    Spend time with ‘positive friends’

How many times have you felt down, headed over to a great friend’s house for a tea and a rant, and you’ve come away feeling positive, bright and ready to face the world – head held high?  Make a mental note of who these people are and actively choose to spend a little more time with them each week.

4.    Stretch your holiday excitement

Having an exciting occasion for you and the children to look forward to together

is so much more than just the holiday itself.  I often count down to a holiday (or even a weekend away or a mini-break to see family) as far as 30 days beforehand with my daughter.  It makes the magic and excitement of the event stretch to positively enhance a greater percentage of our lives, and at no extra financial investment.

5.    Eat fresh healthy food

It’s a proven fact that fresh fruit and vegetables will contribute positively to our physical and emotional selves.  The more resources we give our body, the less energy it has to spend managing ‘excess’ (these might be excess carbohydrate, fat, sugar or salt … just say ‘no’!).  Play to your and your children’s advantage by gradually dialing up the ‘fresh’ part of your diet and watch how this gradually enhances your positive mood management!

Jennifer Broadley is a qualified executive coach and the founder of SuccessfulSingleParenting. For more information and a FR*EE Special Report ” The 5 Secrets for Successful Single Parenting” visit: