Procrastination Disguised As Perfection – 10 Little Lies We Tell Ourselves and One Big Truth

Who is fooling who any way?

Hiding behind the need for absolute perfection is a classic example of procrastination at it’s very best. How do I know this? I am a Professional Procrastinator! Or, I was until I finally learned the secrets behind beating procrastination once and for all.

Procrastination is an art and science practiced by many, perfected by few. I happen to be among the few. Or, at least, I tell myself that. Of course there is no such thing as a “Professional Procrastinator”. There are however, many of us that miss out on the sweet taste of success by telling ourselves lies that are really just excuses to why we never completed what we start.

As a recovering procrastinator, I guarantee that the person you spend the most time convincing that it is “perfection” that you are holding out for is yourself. Unfortunately, you may find that you can convince yourself of that fact far too easily. Consequently, hiding behind that “lack of perfection” in any task will never get you to the point of completion and ultimately the self satisfaction you get from actually completing the job.

Here Are 10 Common Lies We Tell Ourselves as Procrastinators:

* I am a perfectionist.

* I’m almost ready to…

* If I am going to do something, I am going to do it right.

* I’m working on it.

* Once I have all the information, I’ll get started.

* Tomorrow will be the perfect day to start…

* I just need to do these things first then I’ll get started.

* I just need to finish this…then I can work on that.

* I work better under pressure

* If I only had just a little more time to…

Have you ever told anyone any of these things? Or, better yet, have you ever told yourself any of these lies?

The need for perfection, more time or the pressure to perform are all the colorful guises used to disguise procrastinating. Some of these statements may hold some truth to them. But, more often than not, they are the excuses designed to explain projects haven’t been started or tasks completed.

There is one real truth that can get you passed all the little lies that procrastinators tend to hold as truths. That one real truth is something that, when realized, will have you shaking your head and wondering why you hide behind those little lies and let procrastination stand in your way for so long.

What is that one real truth?

The truth is:

The root of procrastination is FEAR. What trumps that FEAR? The feeling of self satisfaction when you’ve taken action to completion.

Surprised? Don’t be. Think of the feeling you had the last time you completed a project. The project may have not been perfect but it was done. Feel that weight come off your shoulders. See the smile on your face as you turn the project in completed. The tension in your shoulders is gone as you put away all the tools you had used to complete it.

Self-satisfaction sets in. It is warm. It leaves you with air to breathe and a sense of pride to revel in.

Put perfection aside and set achievable daily goals for yourself. Determine what your FEARS are and conquer them. Take action through to completion. Get success and self satisfaction.

Easier said than done right?

Do you want to have that feeling of self satisfaction and success you get from beating your FEAR and getting passed your need for perfection?

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From Tina Williams, KLT Coach and President of The New Old Moms Club