Questions Can Be the Perfect Answer

I know you are serious about making a difference to your life and the life of those around you whom you have some influence on.

Here’s a way of doing just that. Questions are a great foundation for unravelling your thinking and creating clarity.

This Chinese proverb sums it up nicely….”One who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; one who does not ask a question remains a fool forever”.

A Cameroonian proverb has an equally good take on the power of questions: “(S)He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers”.

Questions help us to be curious, they help us to extend our possibilities, and they help us to look beyond the narrow confines we have previously thought about. Questions invite creativity, they engage us in being reflective, and they provoke us to challenge our underlying assumptions. Questions, really are, in some ways the most powerful answer.

So what questions could you ask yourself today that would really make a difference to the quality of your output and the quality of your thinking?

Here are some to start you off…

– What do I need to do right now to generate new thinking? 

– What if I looked at this issue from the other person’s perspective or even from the perspective of an observer? 

– How could I be, think, act differently? 

– What do I now need to do to get a different outcome? 

– What must that person be thinking in order to be acting in that way? 

– If I knew that I could not possibly fail – what would I be doing differently? 

– What other ways are there to think about this issue? 

– What would (someone whose judgement you trust) do in this situation? 

– What assumptions am I making about this situation and are those assumptions accurate? 

– What is the worst that can happen in this situation and what do I need to do to prevent it? 

– Who can I call on to bounce ideas of in relation to this issue? 

– What is the best that can happen in this situation and what do I need to do to ensure this is the case?

And the list goes on. You know what I’m getting at. Questioning really is about doing “out of the box’ thinking.

Now over to you…What questions can you create that will make a real difference to your life?


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Hyacinth is a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Master Hypnotherapist. She is a Coach, Consultant and Trainer. Highly regarded and ensures that her solutions are informative, exciting and presented in such a way to ensure all learning styles are catered for. She works with personnel at the highest levels in the private, public and voluntary sectors, up to and including members of the board.