Self-Care – Mornings – Love’em Or Hate’em – They Still Set the Tone For Your Day

You wish you could skip mornings altogether.

No wonder, your typical morning consists of hitting the snooze button until you can’t get away with it anymore, getting up and rushing through the same old routine that leaves no time for a decent sit down breakfast.

Out the door to sit idling in a drive-thru line up, breathing in gas fumes, waiting for a morning caffeine hit, listening to the news about the current body count in the Middle East. Add some children with their assorted needs…Good Morning! Anything familiar about this?

Wait! There is another way.

Even if you’re NOT a morning person… Give yourself the gift of a little bit of personal time each and every morning. Do what you need to do to wake up half an hour earlier… just 30 little minutes. You will be glad you did. There is no substitute for quiet, personal morning moments.

  • Sit somewhere that feels good
  • Light a candle
  • Have your tea/coffee with a relaxed attitude
  • Practice gentle breathing
  • DO NOT START YOUR DAY WITH THE NEWS! (it will upset your energy, you will catch up in other ways about the price of gas etc…)

This simple practice engages the Law of Attraction in positive way and sets the tone for your day.

The quiet you, the centered you, the grounded you

Use these minutes for reflection, for centering, for focusing on the way you want to feel as you move through your day.

Your Morning Agreement

Have your journal handy. Make a list of what you want to create for yourself today. Think about how you want to feel, what you want your relationships to feel like, how you want to take care of your body etc.

Here is a simple Morning Agreement sample (you will create your own)

Just for today I intend:

  • Be aware of my many blessings and incredible abundance
  • Drink enough water
  • Dress in a way that I feel good
  • Tidy my kitchen before I leave the house
  • Set healthy limits on my time
  • Smile at the co-worker that pushes my buttons

Your list can be as long or short as you like. Include your intentions in regards to health and wellness practices, Spiritual matters, behaviors to cultivate, relationship intentions, whatever is important to you.

There is only one rule

This Morning Agreement MUST be in positive, self-loving language. It is intended to foster an attitude of self-love and regard.

You have absolute control of the way you feel by what you choose to focus on. That is the universal Law of Attraction. You get back what you send out.

  • Serenity out, serenity back
  • Frustration out, frustration back
  • Grouch out, grouchy back
  • Centered out, centered back

That’s the way it works.

You are worth the time and effort of this simple practice.

A life of peace and happiness is lived one small moment at a time… one morning at a time… and so it is.

© 2008

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Joyce Lee is a certified Life Empowerment Coach, Personal Growth Facilitator and Law of Attraction Practitioner, specializes in helping women understand the Law of Attraction and deliberately creating the life they really want.