How to Tame Your Home Office Chaos in Seven Days

How to Tame Your Home Office Chaos in Seven DaysIf your home office has become an explosion of paper and disarray it may feel like a hopeless goal to ever get organized. You may have the best intentions to spend a day getting everything in order but somehow end up with a bigger mess than you started with.

Help is on the way! Often, creative entrepreneurial types are so busy with new ideas and following their passion that the organizational side of their work space gets terribly neglected.

If you are one of those passionate individuals, driven to succeed, it can be discouraging when you try to get everything organized in just one day. Getting discouraged can be a big downer that affects your creative state of mind.

Take a deep breath and use these simple steps to tame the chaos in just seven days.

Day 1

This day is for making piles. Yes, you already have piles and that is part of the problem. Let’s keep it simple; one pile is for junk you will shred, one is for personal papers to be filed, one is for business papers to be filed and one is for ideas or future reference.

Day 2

This day is for shredding the junk. Ignore the other piles for now. After you have done your shredding it is time to evaluate the flow of your office. If you have enough storage space, great, if not then write down what you realistically need. You may need to rearrange things a bit to make your office easier to manage. Write your plans to arrange your office down but do not start doing it today.

Day 3

Today you will put the remaining piles in tidy bundles. Do not try to put them in folders or drawers yet, just stack them neatly.

Day 4

Today is a big day! Today you will rearrange the furniture and equipment in your office so that it is optimal for the work you do there. There will probably be some things you find you do not really need or some things you need but do not have, take notes!

Day 5

It’s time to go shopping. You have made notes and know that you will need some way of organizing the piles left over. This is a personal choice but you will need to make sure that whatever you choose allows for the items to be clearly labeled. If there were things you noted that would help you be more productive in your work space now is the time to get them.

Day 6

You are ready to tackle those neatly stacked piles! Since you have already de-cluttered your space and have appropriate storage, this is a breeze!

Day 7

Today you will enter your office with a whole new feeling. The furniture and equipment necessary to be productive flows and you no longer have paper everywhere. Everything has a place and it is clearly labeled so you can not only find what you are looking for, you can also promptly file new documents.

By breaking up the tasks needed to create order from chaos you will regain a sense of control and need never waste your creativity again.

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