Seven Amazing Ways to Feel Alive Again, 0ne For Each Day of the Week

1. Go for a walk.

Walking is a form of exercise that most people can manage quite easily. Try to find a safe tranquil place, preferably somewhere you can admire the environment around you. Some people enjoy the countryside, others the ocean, whatever your preference take some time out of your busy life to enjoy some a little exercise. You will feel better after a walk as exercise stimulates the mind and the body.

2. Talk To Someone New.  

In this day and age of busy full lives it is difficult staying in touch with the friends we already have, however friendships can become stale and boring. Why not add to your friendship circle by making a new friend, it could be the person you have noticed on your route to work each morning for the past year, or someone totally new maybe online or an even easier one is to make friends with one of your existing friends. It’s as simple as saying “we seem to keep running into one another, why don’t we exchange contact details”. Making a new friend broadens our experience and adds another dimension, it can open up a whole new world.      

3. Treat Yourself to Something you like.

Why not treat yourself to that special something. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be that chocolate bar you have been craving or that new item of clothing you have been looking at for weeks. The cost is irrelevant, it is the act of doing something for you which is important. When you buy it tell yourself how much you deserve it, how hard you have worked for it, most of all enjoy it and savour it. You Do deserve it!

4. Treat Someone Special To A Small Gift.  

We all like presents no matter what the value of the gift. There is truth in the saying “It is better to give than to receive”. Seeing the delight on someone’s face when you show kindness is one of lifes pleasures. It will make you feel good and the person receiving will feel good too. It is also likely that you will make someones day, in the future they are likely to do the same in return.

5. Stop Complaining.

Complaining about how things are and the things that go wrong is an easy habit to fall into. It can make us bitter and if unchecked can make us difficult to be around. For a whole day try to be positive about everything, see if anyone notices a difference, see how easy it is to be more positive. This exercise will help you to see that you can actually decide each day when you wake up, what kind of day you are going to have. It can actually be a decision that can have an impact on your day and your whole attitude to life.  

6. Clean the Clutter.  

Sometimes having too much stuff drains our energy, we can feel lost in a mass of things we do not need. A good rule of thumb is to donate to a charity, anything you have not used ina year. The charity will benefit and someone will find a use for your unrequired items, you will have more space to live and you will feel cleansed by refreshing the space you live in. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, take Thirty minutes each day to tackle one area, when the time is up, just leave it until the next day. You’ll feel successful and your clutter will be gone in no time at all. Think of all the energy you’ll free up to enjoy your life.

7. Decide To Do Something To Improve Your Health And Do It!  

This could be something as simple as reducing the amount of salt or sugar you have with your meals or in your tea or coffee. This small change, will over time have a huge positive affect on your health, you will actually feel the benefits in relatively short timescales.  Decide and Do It!   

Feeling stuck in a rut can leave you unmotivated and uninspired. If you find yourself in a rut, use these Seven ideas to feel alive again. Simple changes can help you to feel energized, happier, and living life the way you really want to.  

“Live the Life you want”.

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Paul Parkin – Online Humanistic Counselling and Therapy.