Skipping Out on Going Solo – Succeeding With New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – time to put ourselves under pressure as we commit to New Year’s Resolutions – as we make the decision to start doing something or to stop doing something. That’s right, the two words that most people commit to, start and stop. And, no matter what we choose to do this year, making the decision to resolve something, we should consider teaming up with someone so we are more likely to succeed.

Make this year different, make it successful. We all know that come March, we have left our New Year’s Resolutions behind us, mostly unsuccessful. But, this year we have a chance to change that. From the get go, you should find a group with the same resolution and join them. Whether you look within your community, find a group in the local paper, or ask someone you know who has successfully completed your goal in the past. The key to success is to reach out to others and commit.

Reaching out to others doesn’t have to be hard. If you find your community lacking in resources, turn to the internet. A quick Google search will list niche based groups. Go ahead and choose the ones you are interested in, sign up, and post often. It is key to keep up to date and in contact with your group, or else they won’t be able to offer you the resources you need. Groups are great, as the members range in experience and offer lots of opportunity to learn and grow. Remember though, stay within the group and try not to get to personal and one-on-one. A variety of opinions allows you to choose what works best for your lifestyle and also generates easier grounds for success.

If you aren’t ready for a support group, try a buddy system. As long as you have someone to report to, your resolution will be taken more seriously. Keep in mind, your buddy doesn’t necessarily have to have the same resolutions as you, just a friend willing to help you with yours is just a beneficial. Either way, make it a habit to check-in at least once a week, if not more, and be sure to honestly outline your setbacks and progress. Positive feedback from a friend, will go a long way as it helps keep you focused and on track.

No matter who you turn to this year to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions, make sure you are prepared in advanced. This year, before New Year’s Day, take a moment to research your goals to learn as much as you can about them. Having the knowledge will make it easier, not only will it help to overcome any hurdles, it will set you up know what you’re dedicating yourself to from the start.

I know a friend who tried to quit smoking three times before they succeeded. It wasn’t until they found out that they would feel flu like symptoms during the progress that they succeeded. In previous attempts, each time they felt sick, they decided to smoke again and suddenly they felt better. It wasn’t until they joined an online group that they learned the truth and haven’t had a cigarette since.

In the end, remember that change can be hard and stressful. This year you can make those New Year’s Resolutions successful with one piece of advice – skip out on going solo!

Gary Gzik is a Corporate Trainer and CEO of the business consulting company BizXcel which owns and operates Getting to Someday, a place where people go to achieve their goals for getting to someday –

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